Jack the Knife

October 25th, 2008

My baby… my little tiny helpless infant baby… wanted to carve his own pumpkin.

So his father… his heartless father… showed him what to do.

And then he gave my baby… my suckling tiny tot baby a knife!!!

Which my baby… my tottering wee budgkin baby proceeded to USE!!!

And I tried to let him….

I tried to focus on my other children… my other children who are not my baby… and therefore I am not thrown into delirium tremors whenever they wield a sharp blade.

But with my just born, brand new to the world tiny bundle of joy… I feel entirely differently!

So I stood back and tried to think of the learning… and the independence… and the growth.

I said be careful… be careful… JACK be CAREFUL… nine hundred times.

And then Jack… my eensy weensy baby put down his knife.

And I gave him a magic marker.

So that he could make the marks and I could make the cuts.  

Because there is only so much a mother can stand.