The Statue of Liberty Play

September 26th, 2008

Ethan’s football team has been practicing a special play.
It is called the “Statue of Liberty” play.  

Strangely, I had not heard of the “Statue of Liberty” play and I asked my sons to demonstrate it for me.  
They agreed.

First Ethan explained to me that the ball he was holding was called a football.  
“You throw it mom, ” he explained.  ”And sometimes you kick it… down a field… a football field.”
My son knows me better than I give him credit for…

Ethan cradled the ball to his chest… just like I used to cradle him… when he was my tiny little smudgkin wudgkin cuddle wuddle puddin head.  

Then Ethan said, “Down!”  
And I immediately dropped to my knees.
Then Ethan rolled his eyes and said, “Not you mom…”
And I said, “Oh… sorry…”



Then Ethan threw his arm up in the air.
See how Ethan is holding his arm up in the air???
That is the “Statue of Liberty” part.

He holds him arm there, because he is trying to fake the other team out.  
He is trying to convince the other team that he is a statue… the Statue of Liberty… and that they should probably not tackle the Statue of Liberty  or they might get hurt.

While the other team is totally faked out and so not tackling The Statue of Liberty… Drew runs behind Ethan and snatches the ball.  

Because Drew is on Ethan’s team and he has inside information that Ethan is not really the Statue of Liberty.  
So while the other team is all “how did the Statue of Liberty get on the field?…”

Drew scores a TD!

Here is a video of the same play.  
I would like to note that no politicians and no snakes were harmed in the making of this video. 

And also – no children were harmed by tackling a fake statue.  

Just covering all my bases here.  
And here is the game that made the play famous.


  • Rhea:

    That was such a cute play. lol Your boys are adorable, but don’t tell them I said that. Boys don’t like being called adorable, I’ve found out. Mine like to be called cool…or not to be called anything at all. It’s better if I just let them be…

  • Megan:

    and that cheerleader at the end of the Boise State game? She just found out about the statue not being real, too…that poor FB player had to console her… :)

  • CrisKrinkle:

    Way cool! You mentioned BSU, my alma mater. What a great game! BTW Megan, I know you were being silly, but that QB was proposing to the cheerleader at the end of the game. How cute is that!

  • Lori R:

    lovin’ that touchdown dance…hey, wait a minute, haven’t I seen that kid before, making a pinecone disappear with a toothbrush? Better keep your eye on that one…he’ll be starting his own blog soon and stealing all your readers! :)


    Love football. Fun blog. Hey, Megan…whatever happened to the Boise State cheerleader and player getting married?

  • Far Side of Fifty:

    I loved the dancing whoo hoo at the end! Cute boys!

  • Kari:

    Hey, My boys just taught me about that play last week! I, too, had never heard of it. Wow, don’t ya just love football?!?I loved the little screams during the victory dance at the end.Kari B

  • Mama Hen:

    What a cute post and cute boys! I really enjoy your blog.

  • melissa:

    You just made my day! I didn’t understand it until I watched them do it. It took me a full minute after to think oh now I get what they are trying to do.

  • ~Mad:

    Loved the simple, with pictures and commentary, explanation of the play.You are so my kind of football fan! “This is a football.”~Mad

  • Tami:

    Oh an excellent…politically correct post.

  • Living on the Spit:

    His brother’s dancing at the beginning and the end was halarious. Your boys are so great. Woo hoo!!

  • Jules:

    Having spent 7 years living in Idaho you would think I would have known about this. Wow, I feel so lost, so out of the loop. Thankfully I have you to keep me informed. Whew!

  • Chris:

    How funny! If people are giving you crap about killing the snake, don’t feel bad. I would of had it killed, too.

  • Tana:

    The whole time I was reading this I thought “that play has a name?” I watched that game with my husband, about the only football game I’ve ever watched, and I only tolerated it ‘s my husband’s alma mater. I had to admit, that was one great game.

  • Tana:

    that should say I only tolerated it BECAUSE it’s my husband’s alma mater

  • Vicki:

    Here is what I loved about that video.1. Your son (with the ball) giving details about how the play will work and what is going to take place.2. Your receiving son making crazy faces at the camera and then running with the ball and giving sound effects to show the excitement! Just as my family would have done I do believe!

  • reluctantfarmchik:

    This is an excellent education – one that will definitely come in handy, ummm when my kids make statues in the middle of the HAY field (no football field in sight). Too funny. Very well documented. Your kids are going to love this someday. Maybe you can show it at one of their wedding receptions.

  • D:

    Your son’s TD dance – AWESOME.

  • Stephanie in Idaho:

    I am from Boise and that game is STILL a subject of intense, celebratory conversation. That game put Boise State University on the map, and I feel HONORED that you blogged about it… All the way from Kansas! I LOVE that you don’t know much about football. Better brush up, it looks like those boys are going to want to play all the way through high school! Our last one is a Senior in high school and then when he goes to college, we won’t have his games any more… Luckily his oldest brother coaches, we will STILL be going to Friday night football… Love it!

  • Stephanie in Idaho:

    Oh! I forgot to mention… that couple that you wondered about? They’re married now! It was a lovely wedding, and they’re just the cutest couple….Awww, how cute!

  • Kat:

    That was too cute. I love your younger son’s end zone dance after the touchdown. Your boys are adorable.

  • Diana D:

    My eldest smudgkin wudgkin cuddle wuddle puddin head is currently a sophomore at BSU. I found you through PW and I have to say you and Ree make every day brighter. But I think Ree hates me since Marlboro Man is a big Oklahoma fan and little ‘ol Boise beat them. Yea!

  • Jewel:

    I’m from Idaho too, and it was a great game. It also happened to be my first BSU game I watched. I’v only watched football when my son was playing.

  • 1215656559s20768:

    The ol’ Statue of Liberty play…brilliant!Cute post!

  • Scrappy Girl:

    I miss football season! Manga Dork cheered last year and I loved learning all the rules.BTW…I don’t care if there was a building on that snakes tail…you are a braver woman than me. LOL

  • lokigal:

    Ok, so I was turned onto your blog some time ago by a friend I’ve never met (World of Warcraft and we are rockstars via Rockband). Then I promptly forgot it because I don’t know what blogs are, really. And then I was bored out of my mind yesterday and I remembered it and read your whole life all day long with rapt fascination and lots of laughing out loud.And yet I have a complaint. Why haven’t you posted in TWO DAYS. What am I supposed to do with a Saturday? Reread? I think not, madam!

  • pat@backporchmusings:

    Cute Cute Cute!Loved it!The snake/kitty post was spectacular too!You certainly brightened my Sunday morning!

  • Rhea:

    BTW, I’m in love with your house. That porch is sumptuous!

  • Just A Girl:

    You are crackin’ me up! I can’t decide which is funnier, this post or the “Shudder Ugh” post. Did you really make that up? New material is so hard to find. I didn’t even take a picture of the snake we found in our house a couple of weeks ago. Dang!