The Prize Box

September 12th, 2008

Jack came home with a prize from the prize box in his classroom.

Carefully wrapped in two kleenexes.

“I got a prize mom… and it is something you are really going to like”  he said.

You mean you picked a prize for your mom???

Oh!  It is absolutely beautiful son!

The kittens… you know how your mom loves kittens… the little ball of string… the gold…. the crystal….ish…. chair…with the bit of glue… sort of sticking out… because you dropped it in class and your sweet teacher fixed it for you.

It reminded me of the time April and I decided to make breakfast for our own mother when we were very young.   We burnt the toast to a black hardened crisp, because mom always ate the burnt toast… so she must like it that way right?
And then we mistook a jar of salsa for a jar of red plum jam and we spread the burnt toast thickly with deep red taco sauce.

We realized our mistake about the salsa… but we figured mom would eat it…. because our mom loves spicy food!

Mom did something with that toast… I hope she didn’t actually eat it… but as far as we knew she did…  and then she proclaimed that it was the most heavenly breakfast she had ever had! 

Just like these heavenly cats.  The best little cats on a uh… crystal… uh chair…. from the prize box… that I ever got!  


  • Sharon:

    More like psychotic cats with those eyes!Who would donate something like this for the prize box?

  • Stephanie:

    What a sweet boy! I have a large collection of “lovely” things from my boys..while not worth alot they are priceless in my heart…

  • melissa:

    How wonderful that out of everything in the prize box, he picked out something for you. How unselfish. Your doing a great job mom.

  • suze_oz:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the treasure we collect. I am a mum with some weird stuff but my strongest memory is from my first year of teaching. A very disabled child gave me an artifical rose becaus,’It is a never dead rose Miss Sue.’ I treasure the memory forever! It still brightens many a dull day.

  • Southern Gal:

    So sweet when our little ones think of us when they pick prizes from church, etc. I always brace myself, though, when opening those packages. Make sure there’s a smile on my face and praise on my tongue because they’re watching me just like your boy was watching you. Does he read your blog? Ha!

  • chocolatechic:

    I think all mom’s get their kids gifts like that, and I know that I have eaten a breakfast or 2 just like what was mentioned.I remember doing the same for my mom.I really think that it is true love…on both sides.

  • The Source:

    Awww…that is just the sweetest thing in the world! What an adorable boy to pick a present for mom!! You could just squeeze him, he’s so cute with those freckles and eyes!

  • Pamelotta:

    Sniff. Sniff. I’m gonna go hug my son right this very minute. Boys are so sweet. And when you least expect it, too!

  • Pamela-ATL.:

    That is so sweet. I’ve saved every one of my “prize box” treasures. He’s 20 now.

  • Anonymous:

    I’ve still got quite a few things like that too. Keep it forever. Margie

  • This DVM's Wife's Life:

    The “Oh wow, thank you so much” gift that was really “What the heck do I do with it?” gift, that got donated to the teacher’s prize box. What a cute kid!

  • This DVM's Wife's Life:

    The “Oh wow, thank you so much” gift that was really “What the heck do I do with it?” gift, that got donated to the teacher’s prize box. What a cute kid!

  • Connie:

    I have jars full of rocks, and I know where everyone of them came from. I also have jars full of dirty feathers…for some reason all the kids think I love any and all feathers…even the ones all wet and dirty from the mud and rain. I have lots of bubblegum prizes and notes with “I love you mom” and bent and crooked clay sculptures in my china cabinet. Which is the most special place in the house to display such treasures…and I would’nt trade them for anything in the world. They are better than gold. What a lucky mom you are.

  • Jenni:

    Oh that is just precious! Isn’t it so nice to have your children think of you? Even if you’re wondering exactly what they were thinking of you? I love the pictures and cards and letters I’ve gotten from my kids over the years. Those are easy to store and nice to look back on, but what do you do with things like this? (And I’m sure every mother has them.) You know, of course, that you have to display it somewhere where your child will see that you’ve put it out but also somewhere where it can eventually disappear from without anyone noticing too much. Then there is the question of how long you must display it before it can safely be lost. Where can it go? I’m thinking since Jack is your youngest, it would be safe to donate it back to this teacher’s prize box at the end of the year. This is probably where Teacher gets most of her prize box items anyway. BTW, can I have the school’s address? Because I have some crazy angel knick knacks dh’s aunt keeps giving us at Christmas. I’m afraid to put them in a garage sale or even donate them to a Goodwill for fear she’ll find out. I think this prize box is the perfect solution for me.What a sweet little man you have there, though. And I really mean that.

  • Molly:

    So ugly but yet so sweet for your son to think of you.I remember when our school had “secret santa” and I picked out this horrible fake gold lamb pin with fake green crystal eyeballs. I thought my mom would LOVE it since she liked lambs and sheep. She still has it but I don’t think she ever wore it.

  • kikibibi:

    That is probably the sweetest post I’ve read all day!

  • Adventure girl wanna be:

    Isn’t that the sweetest thing?!!!I miss those days!Thanks for sharing such a sweet story:)

  • se7en:

    I tell you motherhood is not for the fainthearted!… We had a teacher at school that “absolutely” loved dangly earrings -and each class would try and out do the other in the chunks of dangling fake foofi stuff… and then she would wear them!!! We were simultaneously appalled and amazed. Only years later did I discover she was actually going the extra mile to be polite!!! – I guess teaching isn’t for the fainthearted either.I hope you have a very brave weekend!

  • Gladys:

    What a lovely prize from the prize box. What a thoughtful young man. Oh and maybe next time he can get you one of those really nice “Love Is” statues. What a sweet face on that kid.Remind me not to let you and April fix me breakfast. :)

  • UmZain:

    oh my gosh! I’ll bet it was very hard to contain yourself!

  • Katwolftex:

    You have to love the look on his face while presenting you with the lovely gift! He loves his mommy!

  • Sandy in MI:

    Awww, how sweet of him to choose something so, so…er, words escape me. But just for *you*.

  • E-Jayjo:

    Too cute. He looks like he is just bursting with pride over his crystal kitties!

  • Anonymous:

    Wow. You can really feel the love shining from the, uh… cats and their crystal chair.

  • Anonymous:

    Wow. Your son brings you cats on a “crystal” chair and my son brings me cow horns, a mouse skeleton, and ears of corn. Hmmmm.Kris

  • dpkennedy:

    ROFLMAO with tears in my eyes!But I’m with Sharon…who would BUY this in the first place to have it to donate to the prize box. Better yet..who makes this stuff? But it’s so sweet that he thought of you. *sigh*

  • Beth:


  • Tracy:

    Aww that was so sweet of him! Enjoy these moments where you are their #1 girl… before you know it they’re over! I still have all the stuff my boys have brought home over the years. From where I sit right now I can see a little sachet heart hanging on the filing cabinet given to me about 14 years ago from son #2…the one who just bought himself a puppy that I now get to take care of…he’s 21 now and I wish he’d stick to sachet hearts…well maybe not!

  • noble pig:

    OMG I wish my kids would get a crazy prize box toy so i could blog about it. That is just hysterical but adorable that he brought it for you, his loving mom.

  • Shelley:

    Oh how sweet! It reminds me of the cross necklace my little brother bought me at the Dollar Store – it was a cross made of um, green stones?, b/c my birthstone is an emerald, and it was on a leather-ish chain. I wore it till it broke, and then I put it in my jewelry box where it lived until some bastard broke into my house last year and stole the whole jewelry box.

  • Living on the Spit:

    Those presents are what makes being a Mom worth it all. How utterly sweet your little one is.

  • eclecticdeb:

    I still have a heart shaped rock that my son gave me. He 14, yet still looks for it to be displayed on my dresser. He’s stinky, but I’ll keep him.

  • Rhea:

    That is soo cute, and what a sweetie, getting a prize for his mama, not himself. awww!!

  • Kendra:

    How sweet of your son to choose a prize for mama out of the prize box. I’m sure you’ll cherish those wide-eyed kitties and their glass throne.Had to LOL at your breakfast venture for your mom…burnt toast with salsa. Yum! :-)

  • planetnomad:

    this reminds me a lot of the incredibly beautiful and large ring that the twins (then 10) bought me last Christmas, using their very own money, making me wait on the other side of the store, bickering in line. Even though I said it was too special to wear very often, I do have to wear it sometimes.

  • suzetta:

    I had a cat that looked a lot like these two. I finally decided she would be happier as a “ranch cat” and took her to Montana to live with my Mom. I was tired of lying awake at night wondering if “psycho kitty” was going to murder me in my sleep.

  • kaye of oregon:

    Keep those memories close to your heart. The time passes much to quickly and they are grown.

  • Crunchy Chicken:

    Very sweet. Albeit bordering on HFCS sweet.

  • Renovation Therapy:

    So sweet…and yet…they look like they are tweaking on drugs. LOL

  • Natalie @ I AM (not):