Rebecca… A Giveaway

September 9th, 2008

I first heard about the book Rebecca, written by Daphne Du Maurier in the comments on this blog. Rebecca came up several times when I asked my readers to name their favorite book. She came up again when I asked readers to tell me their favorite mystery. She came up again when I talked about books in which a house is a main character.

It was almost like…

Rebecca was haunting me…

She began to turn up in conversations at work… and while chatting with friends. The man in the toll booth on the highway mentioned her as he gave me my change. The goatherd on the cliffside talked of little else. The mannequin in the dress shop went on and on… The tattooed lady at the circus… the elven critter on a Harley… and the unicorn! 

I began to wear long black dresses with starched white collars and to carry a candle everywhere I went.

I started to pin my hair back in a severe bun.

At other times I would look out the window and the waves seemed to be taunting me… calling me… they held out their icy cold arms begging me to join their embrace.

Until one day…

While stumbling down a rocky beach in a frumpy dress and strangely sensible shoes for the wife of a millionaire…

Looking for my little dog Jasper..

I found her.

In my cubby at work.

And I brought her home to me.

And I spent nineteen hours trying to remember how to hook up a VCR.

So that the immortal opening lines could be stated in the wistful young voice of Joan Fontaine…

“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderly….”

And as I watched the Alfred Hitchcock version of Rebecca… I went to Manderly too… and it is a journey from which I have still not returned.

Because I still have not finished the book.

But I have watched both film versions… the Masterpiece Theater rendition and the classic Alfred Hitchcock version. Both films are extremely faithful to the book – at least what I have read so far, but Mr. Hitchcock’s version is unforgettable… a trifle melodramatic… okay maybe seriously over the top… and I have to admit I had a fleeting impulse to sit right down and hammer out a parody of Rebecca in true Cold Comfort Farm style, but I suppressed the urge because almost immediately after I finished Alfred’s version, I wanted to watch it again.

And again…

And again…

It is an extremely glamorous and romantic film.

Along with Rebecca, I am also being haunted by My Cousin Rachel, so I am throwing in a copy of that book too… even though I have not gotten a chance to read it myself yet… I hope to read it soon.

Today’s giveaway includes one copy of the book Rebecca, one copy of the book My Cousin Rachel, one DVD of Masterpiece Theater’s Rebecca and one copy of Alfred’s Rebecca.

This giveaway has come to an end.