Feather Foot – The Legend of the Mountain Doctor Returns

September 19th, 2008

We are a family of movie watchers.  Well, actually five of us are movie watchers.  The Country Doctor is not a movie watcher.  He can’t sit still long enough to watch a movie.  It is far too self indulgent of an activity for him and besides, surely there are some punishing, maggot infested trees he needs to chop down with a dull axe, in a frozen forest, which he can only reach on foot, wearing a thread bare t-shirt and some ripped, paint-stained shorts.  

My boys and I often watch movies huddled in a large pile on my bed with the lap top propped on a pillow at the footboard. It is very cozy.  I  watched “The Brother’s Grimm” last night with my two oldest boys because they have the day off from school today.  
We watch a lot of different kind of movies together.  My kids have watched Miss Marple, and Poirot, and most of the Jane Austen films.  Of course we have seen all the Harry Potters and the Spidermans, and the Jason Bourne films.  We watch a lot of PG 13 action films, we still watch a lot of animated films and we all especially love Wallace and Grommit. I don’t have a lot of  parameters for what they can and can’t watch, except no “R” films are allowed.  Mostly I pay attention to the critics and if a film receives decent reviews we will probably check it out at some time.
The Country Doctor has a far different perspective than I do regarding movies.  First of all, he hates to see his family lying motionless, mesmerized by any type of video screen, and if he catches us watching a movie, we all feel like we are committing some sort of obscure crime. Secondly, the only movies that the Country Doctor thinks are truly okay for his family to watch are rated “G’ and usually involve bearded mountain men, a log cabin, a hound dog, and a friendly Native American named Feather Foot.  The story line always seems to revolve around a blonde, freckled child that gets lost in the mountains but then is saved by both his hound dog and his friend, Feather Foot.  The story concludes with the mom wearing a gingham dress, serving a batch of fresh baked biscuits and a kettle of stew to her family and the whole tribe.
Oh… and he also likes the film “The Bridge Over The River Kwai”.  
So tonight as I was driving my kids home from a football game, I called the CD and let him know that I planned to get a movie for our older boys.  This conversation took place…
Him – Would you like me to pick up the movie on my way home?
Me – Hey boys… would anyone like Dad to pick out the movie tonight?
Me – Um… Honey… They don’t want you to pick out the movie.
Him – Why?
Me – Because you pick out terrible movies with mountain men and goats and hound dogs and women making biscuits on a coal stove… and well… we much prefer Spiderman.
Him – Where did I go wrong?  Why isn’t my family more like me?
I didn’t know how to answer that question and the CD didn’t really want to hear the truth – that being that the days of stews being cooked in kettles over open fires by happy moms, and lost children being saved by Native Americans are long over – if they ever existed at all. 
Later that same evening, he came home to find three of us huddled on my bed watching “The Brother’s Grimm.”  As usual, he was clearly appalled and the boys and I felt worthless and guilt-ridden until he walked out of the room to go drain the pond with a pair of rusting forceps, a leaky bucket and a three legged gurney.  


  • Cynthia:

    I am afraid that I understand the CD. I have been struggling to watch disc 2 of Pride and Prejudice so we can send it back to Netflix. I have had it for about a week. But this is the second time I have had it in the last month! Last time my husband sent it back after a week or so so they could get the final disk in season 5 of 24. Or is it season 6? They had it watched in two nights. I don’t watch with them…..

  • Caution Flag:

    We must be the CD’s other family because the dad at this house is exactly the same way. We love it when he goes out of town (maybe back to you??) and we get to watch movies and eat popcorn IN THE BED. Somehow it works for us.

  • Lori R:

    hmmm…I can’t sit down long enough to watch a movie either. Until #1 son comes home from college. Then we all stay up way way too late and I feel slightly young and hip again… until the next morning when I have to carry on while he sleeps till noon or later. One nice perk: we’re not limited by the PG13 thing anymore!

  • Jenni:

    My husband picks out awful movies, too. I just wish they were the kind of awful movies the CD chooses. While I love all the movies you mentioned, I have been known to bring home a few movies I think the CD would love. Grizzly Adams was one of my favorite TV shows as a child. (I don’t remember his Indian friend being light in his moccasins though.)We are less strict about movies. Did you read my post about going to see Death Race? Yeah, that’s the kind of bad movie Danny likes to pick and he has passed his taste in movies down to his offspring. (In this case spawn might be a better word than offspring or children.)Overall, I don’t really like to watch movies though. It’s such a time committment and it’s not even broken up by commercials so that I can get up and load the dishwasher or switch the laundry. If we watch at night, I almost always fall asleep. If we watch during the day, I feel guilty for being lazy during the day. Now sing with me:Deep inside the forest there’s a door to another land…

  • Gladys:

    OMG! I am so far behind on my movie watching that I’m afraid I haven’t seen the latest movies since 2001. I love movies, but Kahuna is a movie talker. You know “What is he doing? Why is he doing that?” All the while I’m trying to concentrate and figure out why and what he is doing. So like you it’s best if I watch them alone. :)http://accidentalhousewife.spaces.live.com/

  • Rhea:

    I have trouble sitting still to watch movies too. I usually need to be doing something else at the same time while watching.I hate wearing shame. It’s an ill-fitted coat that I’ve worn too many times…it’s beginning to fit like a glove.

  • hayseed:

    Hi Rechelle, have been enjoying your blog (and the laughs) for a long time now, and I had to comment today, because your husband and mine are obviously cut from the same cloth. He will drive five miles to borrow a shovel, and our lawn mower is basically held together with string and chewing gum. I think it comes from being worked like a medieval serf as a child (he was a country kid)…he seems to enjoy suffering too! (Oh, there he is now, hand- spreading manure- no tractors for us, no sir!)

  • Kelley:

    My 8-yr old son has a thing for horror movies. If I’m not on top of things, the husband will let him watch the full versions of Saw, Halloween or Lord only knows what else. I try to get him to watch 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club with me, but he’s having no part of it. We can’t seem to find any middle ground in the movie department.

  • Far Side of Fifty:

    Oh I love to watch movies with the Grand kids..all snuggled up on the couch! However I have been known to fall asleep or just watch with my eyes closed from time to time. I love the old Mountain Man, Old Yeller, Lassie cry your eyes out movies:)

  • kimj:

    That’s exactly the way Dane makes me feel when he catches me reading your blog at work!!

  • Baba:

    LOL. The same exact conversations have taken place in our house. They must have the same genetics from some distant relative. We loved the Brothers Grim. We also stick to no R films. Good Job Mom!

  • Rabidparadise:

    Love your blog! Thought I'd tell you that you've created a monster with "LetterBoxing"…my kids & I are obsessed! Thanks SO much!

  • Scrappy Girl:

    Hey! I found ya while blog surfing! Dr. Hubby is a country doc too! Dr. Hubby LOVES action movies and our oldest daughter and I are into comedy so we usually don’t want him to pick out movies either. His fave movie is Where the Red Fern Grows. Great blog! I visited both of yours and that brick walk is AMAZING! I could smell the sweat through the screen. LOL!

  • 1215656559s20768:

    If I let my husband pick out a movie, it would be The Last of the Mohicans and Dances with Wolves, everytime. Both are good, but I don’t have the need to watch a hundred times a year.

  • Renovation Therapy:

    Try living with a documentary filmmaker. You’ll want to blow your brains out. If it’s not German or Japanese, he won’t watch it. He refers to all my movies as “Hugh Grant with a period”. In other news, I have a book giveaway over on my site that you might be interested in. The Fiance became a book murdered this morning and I’m giving away books as part of the rescue mission.

  • Jennifer:

    oh my! you have just described my husband! and me! and our kids! i’ll have to get him to read this post! my husband especially enjoys movies about trapping- east and west! thanks for all the great stuff.jennifer

  • Heidi Ashworth:

    I love The Brother’s Grimm! We don’t do R rated movies either, but we are a bit lax after that. Actually, there are certain things we don’t let certain kids watch–things that are a problem for our oldest just aren’t for the younger ones and vice versa. But watching movies together is a fav past time!

  • Natalie @ I AM (not):

    We are SOOO movie watcher. All of us! I seriously could watch a movie every night, just to “wind down.” Just rented the first 2 parts of John Adams. SO GOOD! Check it out.

  • Kalin:

    The CD doesn’t wear a hair shirt? Hedonist!I love watching movies. Sometimes I get TV series on DVD and end up watching the whole thing in a day. I say it’s because I get sucked into the story, but really I get sucked into the slothfulness of it.

  • ladyfi:

    Once again, thanks for this funny post! In fact, I love most of your posts, which is why I have nominated you for an I love your blog award!You can see why at:http://ladyfi.wordpress.com/

  • Tracy:

    If I’m not careful we end up watching the Outdoor channel ALL the time. Me, I love a good comedy or a suspense movie(not bloody gory ones, something more like The Net). We are so mismatched in the movie watching department. What I think is hilarious, he says is stupid! I cannot help that I have a wonderful sense of humor!LOL!

  • Pat@Back Porch Musings:

    Hi Rechelle…I’ve awarded you the Hooked on Your Blog Award. Come by the Back Porch, to pick it up.Have a great week!

  • Wildwood Mama:

    What about Legends of the Fall? Brad Pitt/mountain man. Fight for your right to sit on your butt and watch silly movies, I do!

  • D:

    I LOVE Wallace and Grommit! A Close Shave is probably my favorite although the one with the psycho penguin is delightful as well.

  • I`m Sassy,:

    Husband and I love watching movies, but he is not allowed to pick them out, he has HORRIBLE taste. I am a quilter, so i quilt in the winter while i watch tv so i never feel like i should be doing something else. It`s the only way my quilting gets done.I just don`t like watching movies in bed, give me the couch anytime!

  • Anonymous:

    Three legged gurney..HA!!

  • Vicki:

    I came here via Julie at Another Chance Ranch. I’ve added your feed to bloglines… I am hooked! =)

  • Julianne:

    I laughed out loud not once, not twice, but three times while reading this post. Kudos to you!I have a love/hate relationship with the television and movies. I have a little CD living on my left shoulder, giving me the guilty glare whenever I sit, collapsed in a heap, watching a movie. The lazy Mama on my right shoulder just beats the CD over the head with a rusty shovel and we’re all OK ;)