The CDW Choreorganizers

August 25th, 2008

I was heartily inspired after reading P-Dub’s recent post on how she get those little cowpokes of hers to help out around the house.

Just a little card!

With a little picture!  

And a brief explanation!  


So I made a few of my own choreganizers… customized for a family of four boys… and I can’t wait to see the results!
Would you like to see them?

This is one chore that makes my life a living hell.  But now with these choreganizers, I will never have to face it again!

I decided to divide this particular chore into several steps so that my boys will not get overwhelmed…by the fumes… and the sickening responsibility!


Why did I ever let them stand up to pee?  
Why didn’t I just keep holding them on the toilet as they balanced there whizzing away.  
Why didn’t I somehow force them to keep sitting down?
Or at the very least teach them far better aim!
Do they even look at the toilet when they are peeing?  
Because it seems more like they are running in the opposite direction of the toilet, or turning in circles, or trying to hit everything except the water in the bowl!

I have to be honest here, if one of my boys even makes even the slightest tremor of a sound while I am hacking away at the daily urine build-up, I have a tendency to react in extremely inappropriate ways.
Like reaching for the large bottle of aspirin in the medicine cabinet and pouring it down my throat.
Or worse – picking up the chainsaw I was using to break the congealed rind of urine between the floor and the stool – and tearing after one of my sons.

So I am really counting on these choreganizers to turn my life around.  To make me a more balanced, agreeable, friendly, cute, perky mom!  Just like Ree Drummond!

This has to work.  Because if it doesn’t, I am locking them out of all the bathrooms for good and they can just go outside!  Then the bathroom will be mine… 


  • Tishy:

    Omg that is so funny. I am the mother of three grown boys and I can’t imagine having one more adding to the pee wars. I was never ceased to be amazed by where all that pee came from that did not make it in the toilet.

  • Bluebell:

    Hahaha! I love this one! As the mother of 2 boys I can heartily sympathise, it must be so much worse having 4. The smell of pee is permanently ingrained in my nostrils. Why didn’t I have girls?

  • Sally-Ann:

    Oh, I had forgotten this joy of motherhood. Am about to embark on the potty training adventure with my youngest son – my other 2 are 21and 16. We have a very private backyard, maybe we can install a toilet out there?

  • Anonymous:

    Whoo! This is WAY better than Pioneer Woman's. ;->

  • The Inept Aspirant:

    You almost make me glad I didn’t have boys…but if you had two teenage daughters who are premensrual at the same time every month you might wish you were cleaning pee off the floor. Somehow my head ends up looking the same as yours in the picture…

  • Sharon:

    My 2 boys still sit but that doesn’t eliminate the spills. Seems they sometimes can slip the pee between the sit and the toilet. (rolling eyes)While working on a renovation for a family with 3 boys, the mother wanted a hanging wall toilet. Yes, they are available for homes! And you can have the boys mop until the toilet quite easily. ;)

  • Katy:

    I hate to tell you this, but my 15 year old sleep pees. As you can imagine, I sometimes wonder about wearing rubber shoe covers over my slippers when I make a midnight bathroom run.

  • se7en:

    Oh dear… I had a similar response to choreganizer… the only person leaping to the beck and call of little cards would be me – everyone else around here would continue obliviously – no matter what the reward, just getting any of mine to actually hit the toilet would be a miracle… I have been known to banish mine to the great outdoors – but that can be harder to resolve (read: more widespread than just vaguely, well over one room).But here is some hope for you:considering your burning desire to consume less and thus save the planet: your blogging!

  • Stephanie:

    OMG that is too funny…I live with 3 of the male species…I turned the downstairs bathroom into an outhouse…that’s what they treated it like…the upstairs is my domain…NO BOYS ALLOWED…

  • Anonymous:

    OHMYGOODNESS!!! I only have one boy but I remember those days. Just have that carpenter build an outhouse for the boys to use. for clean up hand em the garden hose! There problem solved. (I think)SignedTheresa in Alberta

  • chocolatechic:

    How hilarious.I am so fortunate that I don’t have this problem anymore.I nipped it…nipped it…nipped it by making them clean the toilets.They don’t miss now, and for the longest time I got out of the ‘cleaning the toilet’ myself.muahahahahahhaha

  • lmludo:

    My 9-year-old son is awful about this, too…however, his 3 sisters are the ones who hate it the most! Can you imagine being the school janitor & cleaning the boys' bathroom???? I know that the lady who cleans the mens' room at church is always complaining about having to clean UNDERNEATH the urinals….& next to them, etc.

  • melissa:

    You have made my morning!!!!! Thank you.I hope P- Dub reads this post. Too funny.I do really like the choreorganizers. I just would have to be organized enough to take them out of the box.Have a great day!

  • Nancy:

    Blogs like yours are why I’m late for work EVERY DAY!! Love your drawings, by the way. Ever considered being an illustrator? :-p

  • The Source:

    Oh you definitely need to mass produce these! I have three boys…and I swear they pee with their eyes closed…and they start peeing in an arc from straight up in the air all the way down to the toilet. How else do they manage to get it EVERYWHERE??

  • Suzanne:

    You know what?? Rip out the toilet and put in a trough. A stainless steel trough like they use in the bathrooms at the major league ballparks. Ask the Doctor about it. The trough is big and wide. They can’t miss it, unless they’re drunk. All you do is hose the inside down.- Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  • Tricia:

    OH MY GOSH! I need these. LOL I am the only girl in a house of males and we have ONE bathroom. It’s SO gross. I recently had to make the rule that only one boy can be in the bathroom at a time as they were having “pee races”. I can’t even begin to tell you the places pee gets when you have 2 boys racing to pee and laughing and pushing each other at the same time. UGH!!!

  • Carrie:

    Haha! I only had one boy, but I know just what you mean! Fortunately they grow up and now my boy is a very meticulous young man, so there is a light at the end of that very long tunnel.

  • Leslie:

    I can SOOOOOOO relate. However, I only have one boy. It still drives me mad so I can’t imagine having 4.As with a previoius poster, my son also sleep pees. He has used his laundry basket as a toilet before in the middle of the night. He has also peeed ini his closet. The closet has drawers in it made out of the wire covered with white plastic. Apparently, he peeed in the second drawer down and as he emptied out the stream went lower and lower. All the clothes in all three drawers (basically, all his PJ’s, undewear and socks) had to be washed, the drawers pulled out and washed and the floor underneath steam cleaned. sigh…

  • lailani:

    ROFLMAO – I am down to two remaining boys in the house that can’t ring the toilet – but it is not them . . .ummm but they have their own bathroom – and I am too afraid to use that toilet!! May the force of the cards be with you CDW!!

  • TinaJewel:

    You made me laugh!You need one of these Flipees

  • Tanya:

    sorry, last post didn’t make that I am wakeI can totally identify with you! My boys are teens and in his late 30′s and I am amazed at how bad the aim is. It is truly a mystery of life

  • Jenni:

    Hmmm…I think someone needs to make a chore card for the Country Doctor.1) Teach your boys how to aim when standing to pee.2) Teach your boys to live by the following, written in rhyme to make it easier to remember:If you sprinkle when you tinkle,Be a sweetie and wipe the seatieDon’t forget the floorthis is a manly choreOn this point I’m quite emphaticPractice it until it’s automaticAnd just a reminder lest you forgetI brought you into this world and I can take you out of it!Seriously guys, this is your job to teach the boys how to pee standing up, how to aim properly, and how to clean up after themselves when they miss. We will allow you to teach them how to water the trees and even tolerate slightly less discreet tree and rose bush watering if you will just make this one concession. (Bear in mind that mall parking lots will not grow no matter how much you water them.) It’s only fair. After all, we get to handle the fun little chat about menstruation and femine hygiene products. Well, except for people like Rechelle who have only sons. I’m sure she’d volunteer to have that same talk with the boys in exchange for your teaching these important bathroom skills. They might run screaming out the door when she tries to talk to them about it, but that’s probably a win-win situation. Mama doesn’t have to clean up pee and she gets a little peace and quiet while the boys hide out until they feel it’s safe to come back in.

  • Jenni:

    Argh! When will I learn I can’t comment on other blogspot blogs while uploading photos to my blog?

  • Calder:

    Thanks Jenni – I will pass this along to the person who needs to read it. All of my fingers are crossed!

  • Rechelle:

    Whoops! Posted as Calder – Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha@

  • The Unconventional Doctor's Wife:

    Oh my! I think you might be on to something here. You could probably mass market these in a heartbeat. You’ll have to check out my blog post called “Darn hoverers” to read about my traumatic experience with pee on vacation. G-ROSS.You crack me up! You crazy lady, you!

  • The Unconventional Doctor's Wife:

    Oh my! I think you might be on to something here. You could probably mass market these in a heartbeat. You’ll have to check out my blog post called “Darn hoverers” to read about my traumatic experience with pee on vacation. G-ROSS.You crack me up! You crazy lady, you!

  • kikibibi:

    I heart Rechelle! You are too damn funny woman!

  • Melissa:

    I have seriously wondered about why (WHY!!!) I ever let my sons stand to pee also! It is ridiculous. My twin sons were born 4 years after my youngest of 4previous sons. I knew better. I never told them about standing up, but the 4 older brothers would not let them become “woosies,” so they took it upon themselves to teach the younger boys. Oh I could’ve strangled them! My sons are all grown (the youngest ones are 21!), and we are still no closer to an accurate aim. Several of these sons have been awarded scholarships for their athletic prowess; two have been valedictorians; one became an aeronautical engineer…but when they come home, I am once again disgusted by their lack of skill in the bathroom. Maybe toilet makers of the world should take note and design a toilet with a six foot opening on the seat!

  • Tracie:

    I hear you on this one. My baby boy just turned 2 and I’m not in any hurry to have him pee on the potty. I had two brothers and we were constantly cleaning the pee off of everything. My littlest brother was peeing one afternoon with the door open and my other brother ran in and slapped him on the butt and yelled, “Get it all out!” It scared him so much that he screamed and peed all over the toilet, the walls, the floor, etc. He kept the door closed after that incident!

  • CowtownCarrie:

    Rechelle, All I can say is Amen, and Amen. I have only girls… but I have nephews and great nephews. This last week I found my two yeat old great nephew standing on my toilet and peeing everywhere but the toilet. We had a talk! Then in a later conversation, as we watch him find the step stool and carry it into my bathroom, his grandma says he always stands on the toilet and they let him! Not in my house.

  • This DVM's Wife's Life:

    Hilarious! I can’t even imagine having 4 boys and a husband and cleaning toilets. Bless you girl! LOL!

  • This DVM's Wife's Life:

    Hilarious! I can’t even imagine having 4 boys and a husband and cleaning toilets. Bless you girl! LOL!

  • Pamela:

    That is so funny! And, sadly, so true!!! I only have one boy and still spent hours on my hands and knees scraping up calcified pee. I once asked my son why there was pee on the top of the toilet tank. His answer: he likes to watch himself in the mirror when he pees. Well, the mirror is BEHIND him!! My mother-in-law raised five boys and always threatened to just put in a urinal.

  • Valerie:

    You had me laughing out loud on this one. And praising Jesus that we have taught my three-year-old son to dutifully rest his buns on the toilet seat when he pees. And we wondered if we were doing the right thing?!And I might have to steal the Choreganizers idea…eventually. Right now my son will still do almost anything I ask him in the world…for a penny. Believe me, I have threatened the life out of my husband if he introduces him to anything bigger or, heaven help us, a DOLLAR BILL, anytime soon. I’m riding this penny train as long as it lasts…

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Sending them outside MIGHT be your solution! The Farmer prefers to “go” outside. (In the winter, he’s real quick.) His sons-in-law love that they also can use the outdoors. And the grand-boys are learning, but oddly they have to be told a target (tree, bush) or they refuse. My line now is “Go outside and pee like a man”. But remind them to spread it around or guests will comment on the odd smell in one part of the yard. (It’s said to keep away coyotes!)

  • Renovation Therapy:

    OMG. OMG. OMG. I can’t even imagine…

  • Dodson Family:

    HA HA HA HAAs the mother to two boys and one husband, one of which is potty training (your guess is as good as mine), I sympathize and laugh with you.

  • Donna Boucher:

    Oh my. Poor urine surrounded Rechelle.I hope your new plan works ;o)

  • The Volds:

    That is hilarious!

  • Pamelotta:

    I once had a friend clean my house while I was on vacation and she said everything went fine except the kid’s bathroom. She said no matter what she tried, she couldn’t get the urine smell out of the floor. I ended up pouring a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol on the floor, spreading it around, turning on the vent and closing the door. That finally did it.I didn’t think to tell her to mix all of her chemicals together in the bathtub. What a great idea!

  • InnaC:

    LMAO! I’m dying here!

  • Mary:

    OMG, you are The. Best. Ever. ROFLxoxo,Mary

  • Jordan Jacobson:

    My mom told me to read this……I’m not the criminal in the family. I point the fingers at Drew and Ian……and Dad…..yeah.

  • Anonymous:

    Hilarious Rechelle. and I think you need to mass produce your cards. Anyone with men/boys can so identify.You were so descriptive. The unique smell that I had thought I had forgotten from those earlier, sweet years, permeated my consciouness as though all those instances happened yesterday.

  • Mindy:

    I’ve caught my 7 year old numerous times standing ACROSS the bathroom, seeing how high he can make the arc. BOYs! Hilarious post!

  • Jess to the Lo:

    At family functions on my dad’s side the bathroom was outside for the men and boys!

  • Anonymous:

    OMG. Too funny. I never had a problem with pee all over the bathroom because my little boy just steps outside and pees off the front step onto my rose bushes. His bedroom is located next to the bathroom and he will traipse through the hallway, the kitchen, through the living room to the outside door to pee off the step onto the rose bush. Seriously. Strangely enough my rose bushes are thriving.Kristina

  • Anonymous:

    Oh my goodness. I’m dying of laughter right now. My boys have terrible aim. Talk about a shocker coming from a family of all girls and no brothers!!! Lord help me and our bathrooms!!!

  • Kendra:

    LOL!! Yet another reason I’m thankful I have 2 girls.As much as I can’t stand my MIL, one of the few things she did right was teach DH to pee sitting. I read things like this and I’m even more thankful.

  • annie:

    My tears are flowing! As the mother of 4 boys, I can’t decide if they’re tears of laughter or tears of pain. Seriously funny.

  • Cathy:

    I have two boys and can totally empathize. I have turned the chore of cleaning their bathroom over to them and amazingly their aim has improved greatly. Your post this morning made my day!!

  • 1215656559s20768:

    Oh, my! Laughing out loud. Glad I had a girl.

  • Ronda:

    As a mom of two growing boys who seem to be getting worse with their aim as time goes by, I GET IT! I think their dad is losing his aim in his old age, too. It’s a conspiracy!The other night, around 2 a.m., I heard my oldest wander into the bathroom, but realized that I wasn’t hearing the pee hit the water. Yup…one of the geniuses had left the lid down, and he managed to soak our entire bathroom. Good times.

  • Anonymous:

    Ladies ladies ladies!! Seriously. Enforce the rule that EVERYONE MUST sit while using the toilet in your home and OTHERS homes as well.When urinating in public restrooms feel free to sidle up to the urinal but at home and others homes sitting is THE RULE!My son and husband both do this and through discussions with others have found that many men out of respect for their wives and hostess’s take a seat while using the toilet.Do your future daughter in laws a favor and start NOW.I have 3 grandsons that I’m breaking in now, the oldest one will say as he’s heaading tot he bathroom, don’t worry grandma I’ll sit down………hee hee.

  • Kelley:

    Oh my! This is too funny, and sadly, too true! I’ve got an 8-year old son who inhereted his terrible aim from my husband. How does he have the hand/eye coordination to get to level 1000 on Guitar Hero, but he can’t aim it into the bowl? And why won’t either of these two animals I live with ever flush? Ugh. I don’t want to go home now.

  • quiltzing:

    When my dad was principal of a small school, his solution to this problem was to paint a small fly in the toilet (you could use a decal or something). The boy’s aim improved dramatically!

  • Di:

    Must be why I hate the color yellow. GOD I’m so glad I never had any boys. They are so yucky!

  • Baba:

    Hilarious! I feel your pain. Hope the organizers work for you.

  • Living on the Spit:

    THis is the most halarious thing I have seen in a while…I can not go on any further…I am right there with ya though!

  • Ree Drummond:

    You mean your boys actually pee inside? What is this practice of which you speak?Just plant some beloved rose bushes near the porch. My boys love to pee on my beloved rose bushes.

  • Katrina:

    OMG! That is hilarious!Contact the original family who wrote that book, maybe they will add that chore to their book!! ;-PI kept scrubbing my floor wondering where the pee smell was coming from, finally I caught my 2 year old peeing in the bathtub!! It would go in there in the day and pee in the tub!!!!!!!! We hardly use the tub! We all shower! ARGH!! Boys!!

  • Kay:

    My husband and I used to fight because he thought bathroom clean-up was the perfect job for our daughter. She and I couldn’t go along because my son, her brother, was the one who couldn’t hit the toilet! I can’t imagine life with all those males in your house! It’s a good thing boys can be so much fun, so sweet and loving to their mama’s or not very many would make it to adulthood!

  • Mama Hen:

    HEE-LARIOUS! How do you think of this stuff?

  • Tracy:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! This totally made my day!I have four boys and one husband…they try with all their might to perfect their aim when shooting at deer, elk, turkeys…but when it comes to the toilet…all bets are OFF! This describes my fight against pee to a… tee! The cleaners and everything! Can I have some of your choreganizers to glue to the walls above the toilets? I often wished I’d made them sit down to pee too but…at our house “Men don’t sit down to pee!”(say this in a deep gruff voice)…it’s our motto, engraved above the bathroom doors!

  • Miller Family:

    Can totally relate to this post or what? Where can I get a copy of these! I have gone through more toliet seats than the average family I am sure. I also have 4 boys and this is a constant battle! ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhea:

    Oh, boy, do I HEAR ya. I have two boys…and a husband…and an elderly father who lives with me, and all I do is clean pee. Constantly. What’s with these guys?! They don’t look. They close their eyes or something. It’s unbelievable.

  • Anonymous:

    I think you need to buy a port a potty for the back yard and make them all use it! HA HA, Lisa from CA

  • Mama DB:

    Um, perhaps I want to abandon potty training my son altogether. They make adult diapers, what the heck! Right?

  • Alisa:

    Crying. Can’t breathe.

  • Krissi:

    I think you could make a fortune from your chore cards. Mother’s with sons could give them to expecting mother’s of sons. Who after changing their first boy diaper would begin to understand.

  • Annemarie:

    That was the funniest thing I have read in a week. GREAT!

  • CA Girl in 10-OC:

    I have 4 boys. I feel your pain!!!

  • Joy:

    How much you charging??? Yours is more up my alley with 4 boys…. and a husband. I don’t know who is worse? Don’t answer.

  • Calidore:

    I have just one boy and he makes a big enough mess – I can’t imagine (and quite frankly don’t want to) what it would be like with four. Good luck with the cards. Thanks for making my day – it’s nice to know I’m not alone in hating that particular job.

  • ISO (In search of):

    Woman, you are hilarious! My six-year-old daughter has been begging me to let her clean the toilets. I was nervous nelly because of the toxic cleaners. I finally relented Saturday, though I stood right there supervising. If she remains careful enough she might just inherit the job–I’m sure it won’t last long. She did want to know how the “guys” got all that pee everywhere. LOL.

  • becky up the hill:

    I too read PW’s choreorganizers. I hit my forehead and read it to my husband. We both felt like failures. My boys are now adults. They are fine young men. Thank God for that. Tho I think some of their bathroom habits made them look like they were raised by wolves in the woods. My last just moved out. My bathrooms are glorious. I still have a husband, but he does okay. You too will have relief, when they move out. I’m sad to say.

  • Egghead:

    Oh GAWD! This still has me laughing. You are a goof. I especially love the yellow pee drawings. You know my son never did have this problem. To this day I have never had to clean up after him. However, I admit I was the one training him not his father. I used to throw cheerios in the toilet and have him aim for them. BUT not my husband. His mother never trained him. He was trained by a pack of wild dogs or monkeys or something. I wonder if this Choreorganizer would work with him.

  • Karen:

    You are a riot. I also live in a house of boys (one less than you), so I totally know what you mean about the pee everywhere!! I read somewhere (restaurant men’s room) in some foreign country that there is a black dot towards the bottom of the toilet bowl and apparently it has lessened the pee mess. Don’t know if this is made up, but it sure makes you think about getting out your black sharpie and making a black dot the size of a nickel in your tiolet though. hmmmmm . . .Karen

  • Cindy:

    OMG – You are hilarious! Unfortunately, their aim doesn’t improve with age….

  • Marmee:

    Oh, CDW, this had me and my husband ON THE FLOOR! Laughing!! Tears running down my cheeks. Big giant laughs that has my stomach still hurting! “Congealed rind of urine”, that is just the sickest…and the best!!!You can kick me if you like, but I’m glad I have 2 girls!;-)

  • Scouting_Momma:

    LOVE YOUR CHORE CHARTS! I also have 4 boys and the pee thing is driving me up the wall! Every single day there is a river of pee and all of them tell me it wasn’t them. Hmmmm….I wonder who it could have been. Boy Ghosts?!Shelly

  • Dawn:

    I was laughing out loud and then I came to the ‘glue mother’s head back together card! HAHA! I’m afraid I have two daughters, two female pets and only one poor man in the house–who aims AND cleans the toilets!

  • Literarysnob:

    You live in the country right??? what’s wrong with letting the pee out side???

  • Nikki:

    I am so sorry. I had no idea. I have just one son (and one daughter who always sat down to pee except when she was at the horse farm in the horse stall and that’s a whole nuther story, Lucy)and his aim was always fairly accurate. Could it have been the tiny little target I painted with fingernail polish in the bottom of the toilet? Okay, I thought about painting a tiny target. Instead, I threw a bobbing miniature marshmellow in the toilet when he was little and the rest is history.

  • Julie:

    I laughed so hard I almost peed. Whoops!

  • DesertHen:

    Oh my……I shot wine out my nose because I was laughing so hard!!!!! That hurts!! I just could not stop laughing….=)I remember those days…..only have one son and if he missed, well he just had to clean it up on his own. Didn’t take long to catch on.

  • Natalie @ I AM (not):

    That was sheer brilliance. I don’t have boys, I have girls. I’m thinking my choreorganizers will be “CLOSE YOUR DRAWERS AND QUIT YER CRYIN’!” oh and “SHUT OFF YOUR LIGHTS” and ummmm, “FLUSH!” Then I’ll kiss their sweet faces and tell them how fantastic I am…er they are.

  • Laura:

    tell your boys to throw a square of toilet paper in the toilet before they pee and aim for it like a target!

  • Nicky:

    This is so funny, just yesterday i had the same problem. I live and share a toliet with 3 boys, need i say more. We I caught a culpit in the act, my better half and he tried to blame the dog(he is a male too).

  • Loquacious Chase:

    I’m trying to decide which is worse: having the pee all over the floor of the bathroom, or having all the dead spots of grass in my yard where my boy pees outside?

  • Anonymous:

    oh good God…that last link and LED lights on the toilet..heheCDW you make me laugh again and agian!! thank you!I need those cards, 3 males a peeing and 3 gals with pms…all I want is my own private bath

  • Liza:

    LOL!!! Are you selling these? You’ll be able to buy Microsoft for yourself.

  • NosyNancy:

    Ha Ha Ha. You are so very funny. I have three little boys and I can relate!

  • Lisa in California:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I follow my 5 year old to the bathroom just to remind him to “WATCH what you are doing”. He looks around the bathroom while he pees and, of course, his penis follows in the same direction as his head. I’m amazed that he doesn’t realize he’s peeing on the floor, tub etc while he’s glancing around the bathroom. arrghhh!!!One time, my 6 year old son sat to pee and shot it straight through the space between the toilet and seat. He sat and it still landed on the floor!!!

  • Deb a.k.a.The Invisible Blogger....:

    Personally I think they should come out with a toilet bowl with the red and white “target” stripes (p.s. should glow in the dark for “nightime” visits where turning on a light it obviously too much trouble) in it, and maybe some little ducks that float around to shoot at….As for “chore-ganizers”? They cannot hit a 12″x14″ hole with water standing less than 6″(give or take) away….now you want them to read?I wish I could state here that there is a “magic” age where this is no longer an issue, Unfortunatley we still have this problem occasionally, and our son moved out two years ago.

  • Southern Gal:

    So, so true! For that one reason, I wish I’d had all girls!

  • julieandtheboys:

    Oh, I am with you. 4 sons, 10 and under. Need I say more?

  • muddywaters:

    Have you considered installing a trough or urinal in your bathroom? You’re dealing with primal forces here. I don’t believe your approach is going to change something that is ingrained in our male DNA. Plus, you’re not even considering the splatter effect. You’re trying to battle basic laws of physics and biology. I really wish you would have consulted The Oracle Known as Steve before you addressed this problem. He would have told you all that you needed to know about this dilemma.

  • thescrapbookhouse:

    Oh God I had a great laugh at this post. I hear ya, I hear ya! I need a set of those cards. Send them airmail to Australia!

  • nicrogers:


  • Kitty Bo:

    A couple of years ago, after trying for his lifetime to get my youngest son (then around 23) to put the toilet seat down after he pees, he asked me if he put the seat down, would that cause his future wife to want to make mad passionate love. I replied yes! Of course! Well, 2 years later, although he’s still single, I thought, there goes his love life. The toilet seat is still left up.

  • bakerchick103:

    This is one of the funniest post I’ve ever read. EVER. Keep em coming!

  • annselma:

    HILARIOUS! Thanks for the post, I thought I was doing something wrong. I could not figure out how he got pee almost to the ceiling. I’ll take a set of those cards too.

  • Glenda:

    Yea, I understand completely. I too, am the mother of 4 boys. My youngest and only one at home still is my soon to be 16 year old. It never gets any better. Just a warning. I try to do the flylady routine of daily swishing and wiping… to avoid using a chainsaw!

  • Sonya...after play:

    HAHAHA, hiccup, snort…You go girl! Keep us posted on your progress or at least send us the hospital room number where we can send flowers and Chlorox!

  • Anonymous:

    Oh my gosh…I have been there! Isn’t is frustrating. Thanks for the laugh!!!

  • Moo:

    You are to funny! I have a ten month old boy so I have not experienced a pee encrusted bathroom. However, I do have a husband… So I have a pee encrusted floor.

  • m-anne:

    I can’t read these at work anymore, I laugh too hard,but I have to tell you my oldest son(1 of 3) once sleepwalked to the kitchen and was about to pee into the fridge.

  • deb:

    I feel your pain-and I only have 1 sone and 1 husband! I especially felt your pain this morning when I sat down to take care of business and stepped in wetness! I really hate when that happens!

  • Anonymous:

    This is so funny. In college, my roommate lashed out at me when I left her the crusty, charred oven to scrape clean at the end of the semester. My comeback? “I cleaned your boyfriends pee off the bathroom floor!” In my mind, we were even. In fact, she still owes me.

  • Anonymous:

    OMG – LOL! It’s always a pleasure to visit you blog. ;-)

  • Mama C.:

    Oh, I’m SOOOOO glad to hear that there’s some other Mama out there who’s particularly repulsed by the sight of pee-filled floors. And I only have TWO boys (one teenager, and one adult, who’s aim is just as bad).I think it’s a rite of passage. Or a genetic defect. Or a mental deficiency.Whatever it is… it astounds me and repulses me at the exact same time.And we won’t even BEGIN to talk about the poo…. C.

  • Andrea:

    That is to funny and so appropriate!

  • Anonymous:

    I’ve never read your blog before…I followed the link from PW just after reading about her Choreganizers. I laughed harder than I have in a long time. You are a keeper.

  • Lori Shaffer:

    This could be one of your funniest ever, Rechelle. Loved it.

  • Carrien:

    First time visit. You had me rolling.I only have one boy. SO every time there is a suspicious puddle he gets called into to clean it up. His aim is improving.His primary chore is to clean the toilet. I started teaching him how when he was 4.He asked me “Why mommy, why are you teaching me this?”And I responded, “Because it’s something every boy should know.”Thanks for the laugh.

  • ~*~ Jennifer ~*~:

    I’ve got a husband and 3 boys… they get their own “Latrine.” If I find them in the girls “powder room”, then they get yelled at! OUT I SAY — GET OUT!Ü I don’t clean the Latrine… unless we are going to have company. But they have to pre-clean it before I even go in there. LOL :gag:

  • Anonymous:

    Oh, this is funny! I only have two boys peeing in the potty right now, and cleaning the bathroom has turned into a futile effort in frustration. So we just got a little fan, and run it AND the bathroom vent fan CONSTANTLY. Then, I can at least walk by without feeling faint. But I tell you what… my mother-in-law had gotten me a box of those little toilet targets a while back, and they seemed to work OK as a motivation to pee IN THE TOILET. They’re kind of pricey, though. Recently, we received a package packed in those dissolvable packing peanuts–you know, the biodegradable kind? And they are PERFECT toilet targets. I put a box of them in their bathroom, and they’re having so much fun grabbing one (or some) out to pee on that I’ve actually noticed a difference this week. I’m not holding my breath when I have to go into their bathroom! Wow! What an amazing concept!!!

  • Jenny:

    **wild applause**That was great! So funny!! I am mom to 3 boys, only 2 are old enough to use the bathroom at this time. It’s a war zone in there! My kids thought that your choreganizers were hilarious! They loved your illustrations! :)

  • Stacie:

    This made me laugh and laugh!!I know many mom’s can sympathize with your war on urine!

  • MoziEsmé:

    Hope those Choreganizers work for you!Sometimes I’m quite thankful I’ve got a girl . . .

  • Serial Mommy:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I only have one boy peeing in the toilet at the moment, and the other isn’t potty trained yet (he’s only 2 1/2)…and I completely feel your pain about the pee around the toilet, it’s why my HUBBY does the bathroom cleaning (that and the bleach based products that actually get the bathroom clean give me an instant migraine) so good for you for making your own cards, and I LOVE the paste mommy’s head back together one, SO appropriate!

  • I Am Boymom:

    Yeah, let me know how those cards work out for ya. I am STUNNED at the amount of pee I have to deal with on a daily basis. I am even more stunned that neither my boys nor my husband are NOT stunned by the amount of pee that somehow ends up everywhere but where it should. Read my About Me section when you get a minute. Glad to know I am not alone!

  • Ally:

    Oh man…I’m from a girls-only family (there was Dad, but he had his own bathroom), there were no little boys in my neighborhood, I had no male friends, I had a single male cousin that I saw once a year, maybe. And my husband has two sisters, no brothers and was raised by his mom (needless to say, good habits). I am having our first baby in January. We just found out he’s a boy. I am sooo in for it.

  • Fiddledeedee:

    Oh please, for the love of all that is good, come up with something for the girls. I have a boy. He can hit the water. The girls? Not so much. The pee from the girls goes out the sides of the lid. All over the floor. Frankly, it defies logic. And gravity. Oh. And then they drag their bell bottoms through it.Girls are way grosser than boys.

  • [...] on her website.  As usual, I was so inspired by her post that I immediately set about creating my own special Choreganizers to help my boys with their uh…. aim. Well guess what!  The woman who created Choreganizers [...]