The Aggressively Friendly Nudist

August 8th, 2008

You pack your bags and drive to the airport…

You fly halfway across the country…

You hike all over one of the great cities on the planet…

You marvel at the architecture…

The beauty of the old buildings…

Your jaw drops to the the ground at the grandeur of the redwood forests…

You partake of the cities bounty from Dim Sum in Chinatown to spaghetti in North Beach to a hearty breakfast at Home Plate in the Marina  District….

But all people really want to hear about….

Everywhere I go… 
Everyone I talk to….
They just want to know if I got a picture of the aggressively friendly nudist…
Are you kidding me?!?
What’s the point of having a blog if you don’t get a picture of the aggressively friendly nudist?!?

Our nudist is the one in the foreground.  
I have no idea if the nudist in the background was aggressive or friendly or not…
But secretly…
I like to think that San Francisco gave my family the most friendly and most aggressive nudist that they had.  
But maybe that is just me thinking a little more highly of myself than I ought.


  • cbeutie:

    Too Funny!

  • Anonymous:

    Hey I am curious as to what kind of camera you used?Laura

  • Abe Lincoln:

    Interesting post. When I married my wife 53 years ago her father showed me a “Sunshine” magazine at the dinner table. I was shocked.

  • Living on the Spit:

    Now I can truly sleep at night knowing the conclusion to this story. What a wonderful trip you had even though it may have been OVER EXPOSURE for the kids! Love you!

  • Krissi:

    lol lol lol I’m laughing so hard that I can’t even write a post.

  • LadyFi:

    Glad to hear your holiday was complete!

  • Gettysburg Mom:

    Hmmm… the only completely nude woman standing in the middle of a city street that I have ever seen happened to be in San Francisco… although she was clearly under the influence of something and therefore not aggressively friendly.

  • Jenni:

    Okay, now we want details. Please explain “aggressively friendly”. The phrase “aggressively friendly nudist” has been haunting my brain since you first posted it. It leaves a lot to the imagination and I’m not sure I want my imagination to go there. So, please, just clear this up for me would you? Also, he has much less hair than I would have expected from a San Francisco nudist. It is friggin’ cold there! I was picturing Sasquatch.

  • Old Dominion Heather:

    Well, heck… When in Rome and all…I think I might have stripped my kids down and told them to enjoy the water…

  • 4funboys:

    we you all over dressed and friendly too? or no…

  • Jennie:

    We’re headed to the beach in two weeks but I am POSITIVE that there will be no aggressively friendly nudists in Orange Beach, AL. I’m not sure if that makes me happy or sad! I’m sort of envious now, when do I get my own agressively friendly beach nudist? ;)

  • Caution Flag:

    Each week in our little regional paper, there is an ad for a nudist beach. My neighbor installed carpet at their clubhouse. Said they were very friendly. Nude and friendly: unusual for Detroit!

  • Katherine Aucoin:

    Glad you were able to find the humor in your aggressively friendly nudist. Too funny.

  • Deborah P:

    I don’t know the proper etiquette for nude beaches, so I’ll stay away. I assume it’s not polite to look, but how in heck can you avoid it????

  • Southern Gal:

    I don’t know how this Southern Gal and her family would have handled the situation. Did he talk to your kids? Did they reply? I just can’t imagine. I think I would have wrapped a towel around my kids heads since it would have been impolite to wrap a towel around the aggressively friendly nudist. And frankly, I wouldn’t have wanted to get close enough to do that!

  • Baba:

    This gave me a giggle to start my morning. Thank you!

  • Sarah H.:

    San Francisco is lovely. So many weirdos, so little time. I’m so glad you had the authentic experience of being accosted by a nut. Otherwise your journey would not have been complete.

  • Jess to the Lo:

    Too Funny! Thx for sharing!

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    Here’s hoping he was wearing sunblock! And he becomes the basis for comparison: wow meeting so and so was weird, but not as weird as meeting the aggressively friendly nudist that one time in San Francisco!

  • annie:

    We were in San Francisco once on the beach right under the Golden Gate bridge. About 1/2 mile down the beach from us a volleyball game was going on. My hubby noticed an unusual abundance of bouncing flesh colored clothing…… the binoculars confirmed that it was a full game of nude volleyball. wowza!

  • Jen:

    Hello, I’m a lurker. This post has inspired to come out of my “lurking shell” and comment on your fun blog! I just love it!Loved, loved, loved the story and the pic of “the aggressively friendly nudist”! Did ya know that we have a quaint lil ol nudist colony right here in my back yard at the Great Salt Lake? Yup, my ex-uncle belonged to it. One of the reasons why he is now my EX uncle.

  • Anonymous:

    We have a private Nudist Camp just a few miles away from our house! Every time I drive by the roadside sign I wonder what they do there all day??? I mean, wouldn’t it get kinda old and boring after awhile!- Bertie

  • Lori W in KS:

    I’d like to know why it’s always the people you least want to see nude that are intent on flaunting themselves sans clothing.

  • noble pig:

    I knew a psychiatric professor who always said…”The US is shaped like a funnel and the crazies get blown out in SF”

  • Anonymous:

    So my 8 year old daughter was reading this over my shoulder and ask “What’s a nutest?” And I said” You mean nudist?” She said yes, and I said “Someone who goes around naked” And she replyed ” Oh,you mean someone who goes around showing there nuts.” Love your site!!

  • Grace:

    Maybe it was that guy from the first Survivor show? He was a kind of aggressive nudist.

  • Paige:

    What a hoot! I have been practicing proper decorum in the face( ha, it is not their face that is the issue) of nekkids on the beach. I am getting better at it, but still do not get why it is that the nekkid folks I see are so unfortunate that no one wants to see them nekkid.If you are not interested in freaky looking nekkids, stay off Orient Beach in St Maarten–of the hundreds I saw in many visits, there were only two worth looking at!

  • Carla:

    Your vacation pictures are great! I love the beach ones! (thank you for delicately showing the nudist-yuck)

  • Kathy:

    Kinda reminds me of Bigfoot photos. You know…at a distance, from behind a tree, sort of focused. You’re thinking…is that what I think it is?

  • Rhea:

    San Francisco sure knows how to show a girl a good time. lol

  • Karin:

    Ah, yes. San Francisco. Don’t you just love it, nudists and all? Great post!