Murder Comes to the Masses… An Agatha Christie Giveaway

August 19th, 2008

Stunning really.

When you think about it.

That the best selling novelist of all time.


Would be a woman…

A woman named Agatha

And having been given the singular and most hearty name of Agatha, she would continually come up with names of books that make you want to say them over and over again.

The MURDER at the vicarage.


>The Murder at the VICARAGE!

The Murder at the Vicarage…


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Agatha Christie is one of my go to girls.

She never fails to entertain me.

Her glittering settings in old hotels, on the Nile, along the Riviera, in the green and golden English countryside, amidst a quiet village,

A body…

Is discovered…

In the library…
little gray cells…

She wrote more books with Poirot, though according to my research, she grew to despise him long before she stopped using him as a main character. Perhaps it was then she began to plot his destruction. She plotted it carefully. Fully exploiting his usefulness like a mafia boss, because aside from being a prodigious writer, she also deeply believed she was an entertainer and did not want to disappoint her audience. And Poirot entertained people with his peculiar habits and massive ego like no other detective ever has.

You see, deep down… Agatha was really a blogger.

So even though Miss Marple was her favorite crime solver, she kept writing with Mr Poirot because her readers loved him so. (They told her this in the comments of course.)

Miss Marple is my favorite too – because you know me and Agatha – we understand one another. But I love Poirot too. My boys say POY-ROT and they ridicule me for renting all the Poyrots from NetFlicks one after another after another after another.

“Oh look” they say, “Mom rented another POYROT – what a surprise!”

My poor, pathetic, sad, little orphaned children.

So today for the giveaway I have got three great Agatha Christie books (all used – all from Alibris) one Poirot DVD and a set of THREE Miss Marple DVD’s.

To win one of these literary classics tell me… WhoDunnit? Do you have a favorite mystery? It can be a movie or a book or just one of those troublesome, nagging mysteries of the universe. Winners will be chosen randomly at or around 8 PM CST Tuesday Night.

This giveaway has been murdered.