Ground Breaking Summer Recipe

August 24th, 2008

Take some garden fresh cucumbers and some homegrown tomatoes and slice them up.

Sprinkle generously with salt…


Repeat some more.

Save a tomato for the last…
Die happily…


  • Heidi:

    ***************DROOOOOOOOL*********There is nothing more delicious than fresh garden lovliness!!

  • Mrs. Jones:

    I like to add a little olive oil and red wine vinegar, too. Yummy!~Heather

  • ewolcott:

    Put a little garden green pepper in there and maybe a few green onions and you have our families favorite summer salad.

  • Sally:

    Uh huh. Now try it with lemon pepper. ;P

  • Sharon:

    Yum!!!!!!!! Makes me want to go dig in the yard and I am allergic to yardwork!

  • Di:

    Looks pretty in the bowl, but YUK… cannot get tomatoes past my gag reflex. Sorry…… cucumbers would be nice though.

  • Pamelotta:

    Sounds divine. I’m with mrs. jones on the olive oil. But, then again, I put olive oil on everything!You need to send some cucumbers my way. My tomatoes turned out beautifully but my cukes didn’t come up at all.

  • MUD:

    Don’t forget to put pepper on them. When you get my age you can put all the pepper you want on them but you have to be very judicious with the salt. I also put cukes and onions together and soak them in vinegar for a tasty treat. I had a couple of zucchini and cut one of them up in a batch and they were pretty good too. My favorite way for them is to cut up a little bacon and onion and cook it in a microwave and then cook some zucchini in the pan for another four or five minutes, Pork Fat rules and just makes zucchini the best. MUD

  • Rhea:

    See, the garden-fresh part is where I have the problem. No garden here. I’d like one…but I might kill everything in it. That looks SO yummy though. Love fresh veggies.

  • Baba:

    LOL, Love fresh things right off the vine. Yum looks good.

  • noble pig:

    You should write a cookbook.

  • melissa:

    Nothing like tomatoes and cukes!Of course thats whats growing like weeds right now!

  • Pat@Back Porch Musings:

    One of my all time favorite salads. Only if I have “real” tomatoes and cukes, right out of the garden, though!

  • Junebug:

    That looks delicious! :D I think I must go to Olive Garden to eat tomorrow. I know that wasn’t what this post is about but it made me think of their salad.

  • Mary:

    Could you add a printable version?

  • Anonymous:

    Add a bit of sugar with the vinegar. Oh baby it’s to die for.

  • Heidi:

    Come on over to my blog – there is somthing there for you!!

  • Hazel:

    I think the only improvement you could make is to drink the juice that is left in the bottom of the bowl!!

  • Rechelle:

    Thanks Noble Pig – I was thinking the same thing myself!

  • Karen Deborah:

    also very good with freshly diced basil and seasoned rice vinegar.

  • Living on the Spit:

    Dang it…now I am hungry again! There really is nothing better then cucs and maters.

  • I`m Sassy,:

    I would kill for that meal. Fresh produce is hard to come by where i live. Sniffs

  • Tracy:

    Yep, my kinda meal!

  • Anonymous:

    Try a little italian dressing, Yum Yum. Lisa

  • Marilyn:

    Yep, summer needs nothing to tatse good! I’m out of my neighbors’ cucumber supply – when are you dropping off a bag?

  • Marilyn:

    Okay…that would be TASTE good, not tatse good. I can haz spell wordz.