CDW Olympic Update – Pickle Ball!

August 15th, 2008

I hope you never make the ghastly mistake of assuming that small towns lack adventure, drama and interesting people.

Because then you might never know about pickleball!

Pickleball is a recent import to our fair community.

Show Cat Breeders Rosie and Gordon brought it all the way from Arizona.

It was hard lugging this court clear across the country in a trailer full of Show Cats, but Rosie and Gordon are not faint of heart.

Pickleball is played on a small court with a wiffle ball and you have to know if you are “one” or “two”.  I never know if I am a “one” or a “two” but in my family of four sons, there is always someone willing to tell me.

Pickleball is kind of like tennis except it is way funner because it is way easier.

Even the most grossly incompetent athlete such as myself are occasionally able to hit the ball over the net.

And when I don’t hit it over the net, Rosie always insists that I get another chance… which is why Rosie is my favorite.  

Rosie and Gordon’s hammock is also my favorite.
I find that I play my very best pickleball games from this position.  

For in the fading twilight of a cool summer evening, there is perhaps no better spot on earth.

Than on a pickleball court in a friends back yard.
Thanks Rosie and Gordon!


  • Anonymous:

    That was fun. :) Margie

  • Cursing Mama:

    The PE teacher at St.School has the kids playing Pickle Ball & they even had a tournament last spring. Its a great game for everyone!

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    The yellow Chuck Taylors are looking well worn–must mean they’re super-comfy! Pickle Ball should be in the Olympics–the table tennis folks could cross-train.

  • Literarysnob:

    PRICELESS!!!oh yea,….great legs!!! Wish I had them intead of the fat, old lady, vieny things I have mysteriously aquired!!!

  • Peggy:

    Looks like fun – especially the hammock.

  • Paige:

    So where does the name come from? I fear unnecessary bashing of innocent pickles-please tell me that does not happen?

  • Baba:

    hmmm Never heard of pickleball before, but looks like fun for the family. It it were up to me tho; I would stay in the hammock and let the other kids play. LOL

  • Renovation Therapy:

    Hey there hot mama…you should put the picture of your legs in the doctor’s wallet.

  • Sandy in MI:

    I love the conveniently located toilet behind the pickle-ball court. What a great idea!

  • Rechelle:

    Dad Gum – I forgot to ask Gordon about that toilet! That will have to be another story for another time. I love that it is harvest gold.

  • Stephanie:

    Looks like lots of fun…my favorite part would bethe hammock too…Waiting to hear the storyof the harvest gold toliet…

  • Rhea:

    I’ve never heard of pickle ball, but with a name like that, and a ball with holes, it has to be a blast!Your friends have a great backyard, and that hammock looks soo comfy!

  • kimj:

    For the past several years, that pickle ball court has kept many a high school boy around here out of trouble! Even when Rose and Gordon fly south, they let the boys play pickleball on their court. A year or two ago I would call Drew and he’d say, “I’ll be home as soon as this pickleball tournament is over!” It’s a good thing.

  • Mom2BJM(Amy):

    Show Cat Breeders Rosie and Gordon brought it all the way from Arizona What? I’m in AZ, and I’ve never heard of Pickleball! Sounds like something fun, however! I think I’d rather lie (lay?) in the hammock!Oh, and CDW, you crack me up!

  • Lila:

    Oh girl, you make me laugh, pee in my pants for crying out loud in the bucket laugh. Seriously! I missed your cell phone, farting blog yesterday, (how could I?) Read it today and really laughed so hard my grandkids and dear hubby kept asking me if I was alright. No kidding.You and your sister and Pioneer Woman make my day. (I lead a very sheltered life)My daughter and her four home schooled kids (under the age of 10)live with us, so I have a small idea of what it’s like.My daughter is also an avid blogger, check her out some time. She tackles more serious subjects. Breast Feeding and stuff like that. up the good work!You keep little old ladies like myself quite amused.Also enjoyed the trip to San “Fran” ciso.Lila (Nannie) in Atlanta.

  • pb rippey:

    Hm. Perhaps pickleball is worth a try with real pickles? Frozen pickles, maybe. No, no, what am I thinking? Someone might get hurt–or never live down the fact that they were hit in the head by a pickle, with witnesses standing by…Too risky. Darn it! Now I’m hungry.

  • Kari:

    OMg, we used to have to play PickleBall in our high school gym class in Illinois!! I have not encountered anyone but people I went to school with who have ever heard of it before! It’s fun, isn’t it??

  • April:

    Could you post a few more black pictures please, those are really great. I love the blurry ones too, do you have more of those? And you think I need a new camera?XOXOX

  • Tracy:

    Is that a toilet in the background?!

  • Mia:

    that looks like a pretty good position to watch from…think i’m gonna go find my hammock and hang it up now :)

  • LadyFi:

    Can anyone explain why it is called PICKLE ball?

  • Mia:

    P.S. Are those cats Ragdolls? They look suspiciously similar to my girl *grin*

  • Renovation Therapy:

    Sort of like racquet ball with a wiffle? Love it. I wanna play! I’m a demon at badmitton. My Mom is at the race track today and she’s rocking your friend’s handbag. I put pictures up in my little slice of blogland.

  • Miss Alissa:

    Oh,oh we played pickle ball in 8th or 9th grade PE class. Had tournaments and all, but I haven’t the foggiest idea how to play. I don’t remember that part:)