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For the next selection in my summer reading program, I am selecting a movie instead of a book. I am allowed to select a movie because this is my summer reading program and I am completely in charge and no one can tell me what to do.

This is why I love blogging.
I am the boss.

I am the CEO.

I am the entire board of directors.

And I am also the largest contributor.

So the CEO and The Board of Directors have to suck up to ME!

Which is also ME so it doesn’t even matter!

All of this authority makes me very happy.

Deliriously happy.

Fanatically happy. 

It especially makes me happy right now as The Country Doctor and I are in the middle of family vacation negotiations… and it is not going well.

You see, my idea of a vacation is to find a comfortable chair, overlooking a beautiful vista, with a cold drink and a book, and a few snacks and to not move from this spot for several days, except to go to dinner, and maybe to sit in a hot tub.

And I also would not mind doing a little shopping and maybe finding a good cup of coffee in a quaint little bakery.

But then it is right back to my book.


The Country Doctor’s idea of a vacation is to cover at least 300 miles a day, stopping only to buy more baloney and cheap bread.

The only places we are allowed to linger more than fifteen minutes are at civil war battlefields, where we will all be forced to don ear phones and lumber around an empty grassy plane while trying to maintain consciousness, as every move of the battle is repeated over the head set, and at professional baseball games in whatever region of the country we are visiting. 

Except that I won’t go to the professional baseball games anymore, because I put my foot down about that a few years ago. Now I shop, while they go to baseball games, and we all are much happier.

But back to the book giveaway which is a movie giveaway this time.

This is me holding Colin Firth tenderly in my arms. Look at how at peace he seems. It is clear we belong together. I bet Colin does not even like baseball. I bet he hasn’t even heard of the Civil War! I bet Colin would love to just sit and read for his entire vacation. OR I could sit and read and overlook COLIN instead of a beautiful vista!


This is Colin taking a shower in coffee.

I really love this picture. 

As a second prize in this give away I am offering a chance to win a fabulous booklet of Pride and Prejudice Paper Dolls!

Please try to contain your excitement!

I love the paper dolls because they remind me of a vacation my sister and I took with our grandparents to Arkansas one summer.

To entertain my sister and I on the long car trip, my Grandma had a plain brown paper sack in the front of the car and every once in a while she would open it up and give us something from the bag.

Sometimes it was a snack… sometimes it was a toy… sometimes it was a book of crossword puzzles… but the best thing she had in that bag were paper dolls.

Those paper dolls entertained us for hours!

And I just know that one lucky winner will have the same fun that we did with this set of paper dolls!

Here is Mr. Darcy in his underwear.

And this is the Country Doctor planning our vacation with the kitty (Stormy) at his side.

This giveaway has come to an end.

The Pyro Crew

July 11th, 2008

Every Fourth of July. our small town hosts the most spectacular fireworks show in the area.

It is planned, organized, designed, built, and set off by a volunteer group of local men known as the Pyro Crew.

This year the fireworks show was moved from it’s old location in the City Park to the brand new ballfields, which meant that the show could be even bigger, louder, and that even more people could watch it from the surrounding soccer fields and hillsides.

Because I am a very serious blogger and am also practically dripping with investigative reporting skills, I went down to the ballfields on the morning of the Fourth to interview the guys about the process of being a member of the Pyro Crew.

They told me a lot of things about all the planning…

and the organizing…
and the technical difficulties…
and the paperwork…

But mostly…
I just noticed how cool their shirts were.

And it made me want to be a part of the Pyro Crew so that I could have a Pyro Crew shirt.

But I don’t think they are going to let me join them.

Because after talking with them for quite a while… all I really remember is this one little detail…

The Pyro Crew uses pipes like the one pictured above to light the fuses on the firework thingys…  
I asked them how long they had after they lit the fuse to get away.

They told me you have about one second.
Then they said…
You don’t get away….  

You just try and duck down a little bit…
After that I decided that I don’t really want to be on the Pyro Crew after all.

But that is okay…

Because the world of investigative journalism needs me much more.

Last night, we had some very special guests from London arrive with our good friends Mike and Liz. I worked half the day at the Garden Center before their arrival, so was in a bit of a tiz when I got home to get the house ready for company and preparations for dinner under way. 

The Country Doctor had taken half of the day off so he was already home when I arrived.  He asked me what he should do to help get things ready and I mentioned picking up the yard, checking the boy’s bedrooms, and cleaning up the grill.  He set the boys to picking up the yard and sort of limped half heartedly upstairs to check the bedrooms. He glanced out of the window at the grill, but I could tell that none of my “jobs” were very inspiring to him. They were simply too mundane… too simple… too easy… He was looking for a challenge.  
He is ALWAYS looking for a challenge.  
Preferably something that includes a lot of suffering and pain.    

Then he noticed the screen porch.

The screens on the screen porch had accumulated a layer of cotton from some nearby cottonwoods. He decided to spray them off.

So FIRST… he had to move all of the screen porch furniture into my freshly cleaned living room.

And I thought… okay… well okay… but just hurry up!  
Our guest were due to arrive in about half an hour!

Next, he REMOVED THE DOOR to the screen porch!  
And I thought.. what…. huh… wait… what…?

THEN he took that door out to the barn and decided to shorten it a little bit because it was sticking… 
And I thought…. wait… hold on… just wait a second… you know… it could probably stick for a few more days as OUR COMPANY from LONDON is going to BE HERE ANY MINUTE… and my LIVING ROOM… is now a total WRECK!!!  AND my screen porch is EMPTY!!!  And now I have to stop what I AM DOING and BLOG THIS!!!

The Country Doctor was not moved by my vivid emotional outburst, which included both of my hands wrapped around his neck in an attempt to rid myself of the problem once and for all!   Instead, he removed my hands from his neck, and calmly went about fixing that STUPID DOOR as if he did not even know that me and my emotional pain existed. 
Which is nothing new!

Then he carried the door back in, rehung it, sprayed off the porch and put the furniture back out just in time for our company to arrive.  
But that is not the point!
The point is – HOW MANY YEARS OF MY LIFE DISAPPEARED due to this callous act of disregard for my feelings!   
How many I tell ya!!!