The Country Doctor's Wife's Summer Reading Program Fabulous Book Giveaway Number 2

June 12th, 2008

For the second book in my summer reading program, I am choosing We Took To The Woods By Louise Dickinson Rich. It may become clear to you as this summer reading program progresses, that I have very specific likes when it comes to books. I strongly prefer non-fiction, first person accounts about people who go off and do strange things in difficult places and have either a rib cracking sense of humor about it or who are so deftly poetic in their writing that I am borne away on the wings of their prose… to another world… full of waving flowers in a meadow… while little elfin antelope deer birds frolick… in the dense fragrant forest… of love…with lutes… and fifes… and bagpipes…and unicorns…



Oh yeah, I like writers that are you know… good writers.

Louise falls into the later category but she is also funny. Kind of funny strange, but also funny funny.

Here is the basic synopsis. In the 1940′s, Louise goes on a canoe trip with some friends. While on this trip she meets a woolly bear who turns out to be a man who turns out to marry her who turns out to sweep her away forever to the remotest corner of Maine, which today probably has a McDonalds and a Home Depot, and at least seven strip malls along a four lane highway that has a Mister Moose Canoe Outfitters and a Lumberjack Backwoods Mountain Man Pizza Grill in each one.

But back then, it was remote. Really remote. So remote that Louise and her woolly bear husband didn’t see other people for months at a time. And they entertained themselves by trying to stay warm and keeping the logging road clear enough for the occasional visitor to get through.

So when it came to having babies and getting groceries and shopping trips to the mall for a new pair of shoes, Louise’s life was kind of hard.

Inside the cover there is map of all the places that were a part of Louise’s very hard, very remote, very no internet or television or even library life.

I love books with maps.

The copy I ordered for you also has a dust jacket with a picture of their cabin. Sadly my own copy does not have the dust jacket. I thought about keeping the dust jacket for myself, but that seemed wrong.

This bloggy giveaway has been forever buried in the sands of time immortal.