Show Cat Upstages New Barn Door

June 3rd, 2008

The Country Doctor has been building some doors for our barn.

These doors have opened up a new debate between the CD and myself in regards to hardware.  I would like some nice iron handles possibly forged by the CD’s father, while the CD want to fashion some simple handles from wood himself.

And it was while I was photographing these doors and mulling over our hardware debate  when I spotted Cookie on the window sill…

And suddenly I had trouble focusing on the barn door… or on the potential barn door handles.

Because I was distracted by a sweet fluffy tail which used to be connected to a fluffy body which is not quite so fluffy anymore…

And then I saw the dangling leg and I thought to myself… Oh!  She is so beautiful….

Look at that face.  
Look at it.  
Wooky Cookie Wooky over here at your mama.  
Oh sweet little Cookie cat.  
Who wuvs you Cookie?  
Who wuvs her wittle Cookie kitten cat?  
Wook at her! 
Huh?  What?   Where was I?  Oh yes, barn doors.  I think I will shut mine right now.  And go find my wittle Cookie Kitten Cat.  Sweet little girly girl kitty.  Here kitty kitty.  Here kitty!


  • Anonymous:

    You crack me up!!! nancy in ak

  • Stephanie:

    Tell the CD that wrought iron handles would look so much better than wooden ones…Cookie is a beautiful cat…

  • cndymkr / jean:

    Forget the wood handles. That door deserves wrought iron handles.

  • Heidi in Wisconsin:

    I cant get over how much Cookie looks like our cat – Hope. When we got her she was SO DAFFY – still is. If there was ever such a thing as a ‘blonde’ cat she is it. She falls asleep with her head hanging off of the end of the couch then when she is sound asleep she slides off like a noodle… My son named her – He came to me one day and said “Mom I have a name for the cat – Hope” I said why Hope, becuase you Hope she will grow a brain – he laughed and said “No – so we can call her Hope the Dope… it fit.. LOL

  • April:

    Iron all the way. Tell CD to wake up and smell the arn!And this post made me laugh….not that it’s hard to make me laugh, but anyway.

  • Kristin:

    Awww, she looks so sweet and fluffy and cute and soft and cuddly and.. and… Well you get the picture. ;0) Oh….. and I’d go for the iron handles any day! :0)

  • J'Ollie Primitives:

    Iron handles. Use the words “masculine” and “virile” when referring to iron handles. When he decides on iron handles you can tell him HE had a great idea and they will look just right…(June Cleaver logic here)Cookie is a doll!

  • Anonymous:

    I like the iron idea and the kitty is just gorgeous…you crack me up too!….I have my own barn improvement project happening at my house…(and all the debating that comes with it) I am MOST curious about the doors. Are they on sliders on the inside?? How big are they? How do you keep them from blowing in? Do they have a good seal to keep the wind out??My name is Julie, email address…jpost35athotmaildotcom(If you have time to answer my questions.) Thanks.

  • Rhea:

    She is a beautiful kitty cat! She knows how to pose too.Iron handles, all the way. Totally.

  • Jason:

    Count me in as part of the iron handle train – toot-tooooot!

  • pedalpower:

    I vote for iron ones forged by his dad….after all, that’s like a future heirloom right?

  • She’s beautiful ! And since this post is kinda old, I would imagine the decision has already been made about the door hardware… I would vote for iron as well – just so you know. =)

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  • sue:

    simple wood handles–easy to grip or maneuver when your hands are full–(like with your elbow)