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I have been analyzing and assessing and using my critical thinking skills and walloping my victuals, and sawing the callouses off my big toes with my thumb nail, and ruminating, and obsessing and lying on my bed in a twisted heap of pain, and staring at the ceiling fan… and I have finally decided that my sinking blog stats having nothing to do with me.  

Nothing at all!
As usual it is the fault of other people that are causing me to fail.  
This is how it has always been.     

Example Number One Of Other People Causing Me To Fail – Or Math Suicide
My poor math grades… throughout my entire life… including the remedial math class I was forced to take in college and also failed are actually not my fault… but the fault of other people…

Mostly my poor math grades are the fault of  my math teachers who did not seem to understand that when they spoke in numerals… all I ever heard coming out of their mouths was “blah, blah, blah, number, number, protein, legume, nitrogen, blah”.  
Why could they not speak my language instead?   Why could they not read aloud long segments from Nancy Drew Books and later the startling literary revelations of V.C. Andrews and Jean M. Auel?  I would have especially liked for my math teachers to explain in great detail the weird sex stuff in those books that completely riveted my fourteen year old brain and held it captive for entire semesters at a time.   
Why could they not replace word problems with fashion shows…
And geometry with silent sustained reading of Seventeen magazine?  
Why did they not consider letting me make up cheerleading routines instead of taking tests?
And how about writing our boyfriends names in our notebooks instead of homework?
If only they would have taught me math the correct way, I would have succeeded and I would now be a nuclear physicist with a second home in Shropshire,  instead of a failing blogger and general lunatic.
Problem Number 2 – IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Did you know that I used to suffer quite dramatically from Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  
Did you?  
Do you want me to tell you all about it?  
Do you?  
I started to suffer from IBS soon after my first son was born.  The unusual thing about my particular case of IBS was that it only struck whenever my husband’s family was due to show up at our house en masse at any minute.  
Suddenly and quite tragically,  I would be overcome with such violent twisting stomach pain that the only cure was to lie motionless on my bed in a curled ball of agony until everyone had left our house.  
Note to readers – The Country Doctor’s family is huge, vast, as numerous as the individual grains of sands on all the beaches in all the world.   
My own family of origin is tiny.  
I had a bit of trouble adapting.  
But again this is not my fault.  
Why could not The Country Doctor have noticed my pain for just a teensy second instead of merely stepping over my throbbing intestines on the way to open the door to the first wave of dinner guests?  
Why could not The Country Doctor have insisted, just one tiny time, that perhaps I was too weak and shaky to host a massive flood of virtual strangers and force everyone out in a gallant and brave act of uncompromising love?  
Why could not the Country Doctor have realized that although my tummy troubles only struck at the onset of a visit from his family, that did not mean I was in any way, shape, or form a faker. I was simply allergic to his family.  An allergy I have overcome with the help of meditation, prayer, and the ability to escape into my own cloud of happy unicorns at will.
Problem Number Three – The Crimson Girls
Just this evening, I was pestered with yet another phone call from the University of Kansas asking for money.  I had no intention of giving them a dime as well… you know… I already gave KU a lot of money.  

That is where the Country Doctor went to Medical School and um yeah… so anyway – when they called they asked for $100.00 and I said no.  Then they said what about $50.00?  I said no…  Then they said okay, you are really pathetic, but would you give $25.00 and I said no.  You know why I said no?  

I think if you look back at the Crimson Girl line-up between the years 1987 and 1991 you will notice a huge sucking hole where I SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!  
And yes – NOT MY FAULT
Which brings us to Problem Number Four That is Not My Fault – This Blog.
Why is this blog sucking wind?
Why is it turning into a vacuum of endless night?
Why is this blog becoming the black hole of burning gas from the nether regions of Planet Xerxes?
Clearly this is not my fault.
I show up everydaywell almost everyday… and blather on about the same inane, stupid, ridiculous, things… and put the same blurry, ill focused, vague  
photos up of a bunch of people that no one knows and occasionally a long mindless video of my family watching TV… and EVEN with all that – the blog still declines!
After a lot of soul searching I have decided just whose fault it is and I hereby Pronounce PHOTOSHOP as the evil that so infests blogland that it is impossible to succeed without it.
Yes,  Photoshop is the culprit.  
Photoshop is The Enemy 
The Devil 
Satan’s Scourge 
Yellow Puss Boil Weed
Rocky Mountain Hippie Stink

and Death in A Pasture. 
It is Photoshop’s fault!
You see, I don’t do photoshop on this blog.  Not even for a nanosecond.  The idea of manipulating a photo is as foreign to me as the idea of eating live earthworms.  
I mean here is the photo.  
It is already done.  
Why would you do more to it???  
This is sheer madness.  
If someone were to give you a piece of hot cherry pie with a scoop of vanilla bean speck ice-cream on top, would you feel the need to highlight the vanilla bean specks before you ate it?  
If someone gave you a puppy that was the exact breed and personality and calm quiet potty trained cuteness that you had always dreamed of, would you send him back for a more misty background?  
If suddenly you were handed a pair of keys… to a house… on the beach… in Italy… and told you that you would never have to work again, but to just go, live your life, take all your friends and family (or not) and just go and never worry again… would you insist that the sky in Italy be just a tiny bit more blue before you accepted the offer?
Photoshop is nuts.
Pure NUTS!!!
But then So Am I
So I went out and I bought PhotoShop
And I quickly became a genius photo manipulator.
I now give you the Country Doctor’s Wife Capitulation into the Realm of PhotoShop Whosit Whatsit, Whatever…

Here is the Country Doctor before I photoshoppped him.
Here is the Country Doctor after I photoshopped him.

Here are my kids before I photoshopped them and used actions.

Here are my kids now…
Here is my sister before….
eating unphotoshopped pie and drinking unphotoshopped coffee.

Here is my sister now.  Do you see how I highlighted her hair and sped up
 the motion by applying an action which I invented myself which I hereby name the “Great Balls of Fire” action.
And finally…

Here is me before Photo Shop… before actions… before painkillers… but just after birth.  Just after the birth of one of my boys… I don’t even know which one…
If ever there was a photo that could use a little help…
Add a little Photoshop
And here is me now…
I can’t wait to see what this does for my blog stats.  
Tra La La,

A few nights ago, we headed out to Kay’s ( one of the CD’s Nurses) other farm which is located 40 miles north of us. The County Extension Agents were hosting a prairie walk through one of Kay’s pastures. We were under the impression that the walk would focus on wild flowers and native plants…

Which it did, but with an unusual twist…

When we arrived at Kay’s farm a large group of people were being told that this year’s tour will not focus on wild flowers….


This year’s tour will focus on prairie plants that are good for a cows healthy diet…




For the next two hours we wandered around a pasture, while our guide who was a very interesting mix of pointy headed plant person and down to earth farm guy explained in GREAT DETAIL the twenty seven different types of plants in that particular pasture that are GOOD FOR COWS TO EAT… AND WHY… AND HOW…. AND WHERE… AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON.

Except that it was actually more like nine thousand plants, because every once in a while, as we walked from plant three to plant four or plant six to plant seven or plant twelve to plant thirteen, our guide would bend over, swoop up another plant and say…

This plant is not on the tour…. but let me tell you about it anyway...

And then he would tell us ALL about it. Every detail… Every part… Every single square inch of that plant… and when a cow prefers to eat it, and whether or not it is palatable and whether or not it is a legume or a forbe, or good for nitrogen, or protein, protein, protein.

Here is a typical explanation from our guide and how the crowd responded…

Guide – Anyone know what this plant here is called?

Farmer 1 – Bovine Tongue Rot

Farmer 2 – Wiggle Bush
Farmer 3 – Sticky Sticky Cob Cob
Farmer 4 – Ladder to Hades
Farmer 5 – Prickly Papoose
Farmer 6 – Demon Thorn
Farmer 7 – Goat Grief
Farmer 8 – Pickle Thick
Farmer 9 – Old Squaw Hunchback
Farmer 10 – Rocky Mountain Hippie Stink
Guide – That’s right, but it is also referred to as the genus Tratteriopsis Florabunda Pasturiticulum goodohforocowoh. Now, can anyone tell me what type of plant this is?
Farmers – LEGUME!

Guide – That’s right! Can anyone tell me what the Native Americans used this plant for?

Expert Plant Lady With Magnifying Glass and Sketch Pad – They boiled the roots and made tea.
Guide – That is right!
…And then the guide would launch into greatly detailed description of the plant saying things like protein protein, protein, palatable palatable, palatable, forbe, forbe, nitrogen, nitrogen, protein legume legume, legume, mama cows, baby cows, palatable, protein, forbe…
Somewhere in the middle of his description my eyes would begin to itch and then stream with tears, my hands grew numb, all of my ligaments felt like they were on fire, my nerve endings recoiled in horror and my legs quivered like marshmallow jello.
Finally.. at the end of my strength… I fell back hard on the tall prairie grass… and I laid there motionless making tiny whimpering sounds which everyone around me completely ignored, especially the Country Doctor.
As the group moved onto the next plant that is good for cow’s to eat, I would dig down deep and tap all my inner reservoirs of iron clad perseverance and I would rise like the phoenix and hobble over to the next plant only to quickly fade once again.
Clearly, I was going to die if something did not change quickly.
Then the guide would pick up a new plant and hold it aloft saying…

Guide – Does anyone know what this here plant is called?

Farmer One – Sticklewort.

Farmer Two – Brisbane

Farmer Three – Snakebite on a Squaw

Farmer Four – Indian Blanket Bush

Farmer Five – Trickle Track

Farmer Six – Shropshire

Farmer Seven – Horns of the Devil

Farmer Eight – Satan’s Whip

Farmer Nine – Scourge Whip Scourge

Farmer Ten – Slippery Skunk Scrote.

Guide – Yes, yes that is all correct. Do you know what the Indians did with this plant?

Expert Plant Lady With Dictaphone and Belly Pack – They boiled the roots and made tea.

Guide – Correct.

Farmer 1 – Those Indians sure made a lot of tea.

Guide – Yes they did. Now, lets’ disc

uss palatability, protein, forbes, leave whorls, legumes, nitrogen, and did I say palatability yet? Oh! Looky here! Here’s a plant that is not on the tour, but it is very interesting. Anyone know what this is called?

Farmer One – Teensy Puffs

Farmer Two – Mock Lemon Daggers

Farmer Three – Nebraska Red Darts

Farmer Four – Prickle Pines

Farmer Five – Stinkbait

Farmer Six – Opossum Piss

Farmer Seven – Indian Feather Foot

Farmer Eight – Papoose Punch

Farmer Nine – Squaw Squaw Squaw Diddly Squaw Dee

Farmer Ten – What the… What? Huh? Squaw What?

Guide – You are all correct and do you know what the Indians did with this plant?

Everyone – They boiled the roots and made TEA!!!

Guide That’s right!

Finally, after miraculously awakening from my nineteenth coma of the evening, with my hair full of cockleburrs (also known as Cat Claw, Devil Dip, Indian Briar, Satan’s Scourge, Angel Tears, Sobbing Squaw, Bitter Life of Turmoil, Death in a Pasture, Choke and Die Slowly, Yellow Puss Boil Weed, and Sticker Patch) I decided to entertain myself by wandering off and taking some pictures.

As I walked away the rest of the group drew a big sigh of relief and a few applauded.

Then they turned back to the guide who was saying something like, legume, legume, nitrogen, legume, forbe, mama cow, baby cow, protein, protein, protein.

The sun began to sink.

We tried to take some “holding the sun pictures”.

We failed.

I took a picture of Kay who is pictured here driving the Gator. She is sitting beside a lady whose family homesteaded nearby land many years ago. The lady told Kay a story about her family’s homestead burning to the ground. At the time of the fire the kids were grown and married and gone, but her elderly father still lived on the farm. He did what any farmer would do whose place had burned down. He moved into a cave on his property and lived there for TWO YEARS!!!

Once during his two year cave stint, while taking a bath ( because you know, you can live in a cave, but not without a BATHTUB) a black snake dropped from the ceiling of the cave into the tub. The elderly man calmly took his cane beside the tub, and tossed the snake out.

And that’s exactly what I will do too.


When I am elderly and use a cane…


Then Kay took my boys off to her pond to do some fishing…

And left me alone on the prairie with a bunch of people talkin’ legumes…

Please don’t leave me here…



Take me with you!!!!!

Come Back!



And then the sun set on the prairie.
The end.

CDW Readers Recommend…

June 13th, 2008

Below, I have listed the favorite books and authors that were mentioned in the comments of The Summer Reading Book Giveaway Number One. I am listing them both for myself and for anyone else who is looking for a good read.

The first part of the list includes only the names of the books and authors that were mentioned. Following the list, are the comments and descriptions that were left with the books. The comments are helpful if you want a bit more information about the books. I trimmed the comments down just a tiny bit to make it easier to read. 

I hope to eventually get through this list of books myself, though it may take years. Several of them are old favorites of mine, a few of them are books I re-read every year, but many of them are completely new to me and I am looking forward to checking them out.

I am very anxious to read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee as it was mentioned six times! I think I have read this book before, but I am not sure and need a refresher to see what the heck the big deal is all about!

Secondly, I am very interested in the Harry Truman book Letters to Bess. I always liked old Harry.

Thirdly, I was thinking Habit of Being by Flannery O’Conner.

And Then!!!

And THEN!!!!

I am going to have to re-read Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons as that book is hilarious and so is the movie by the same name.

BUT FIRST, I still have to get through all the Beverley Nichols books I recently purchased.

What am I doing sitting here typing!

I’ve got some reading to do!

Favorite Books and/or Authors From CDW Readers

Italicized books are mentioned more than once.

Please feel free to leave your own favorite book in the comments of this post. I will add them to the list.  

Ken Follet, Pillars Of The Earth.

Onions in the Stew

The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

Where The Red Fern Grows

The Kite Runner

An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of My Rural Boyhood” by Jimmy Carter.


Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Please Don’t Eat The Daises by Jean Kerr.

The Ivy Tree Mary Stewert

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Elizabeth Speare

Rosamunde Pilcher

Louis L’Amour

Anything by Mauve Binchy

Confederacy of Dunces.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Follow the River by James Alexander Thom.

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood.

The Secret Garden

Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski.

Cross Creek by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Little Women

The Outsiders

Anne of Green Gables

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas

My Sister’s Keeper

The Man who Loved Clowns

Spirit Bear.

The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, or Joy in the Morning, both by Betty Smith

Little House on the Prairie.

Pride and Predjudice

Karen Kingsbury

Dee Henderson

Beverly Lewis

David Baldacci

John Grisham

Lynn Kurland.

Philippa Gregory

Little Boy Blue” by Eugene Fields.

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger.

Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Mountain

Snow Falling on Cedars

Memoirs of a Geisha

Jane Eyre

Pride and Prejudice

To Kill a Mockingbird

She’s come Undone by Wally Lamb.

Gone with the Wind

Where the Red Fern Grows

Jane Eyre

Sacagawea – By Anna L. Waldo

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

The Girl with the Pearl Earring

The Red Tent 

The Egg & I

O Rugged Land of Gold by Martha Martin.

Twilight and Eclipse and New Moon by Stephenie Meyers.  

Brendan O’Carroll – The Mammy, The Chisellers, The Granny

Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum 

The Family Secrets of Nazi Germany

Little Women

The Plague and I, By Betty McDonald

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Nourishing Traditions

Living with Chickens

The Shack

The Secret Life of Bees

Mama Makes up Her Mind by Bailey White  

The Princess Bride

Jane Eyre

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Kite Runner

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Ordinary Princess

Julie Garwood’s historical romances

He’s God and We’re Not by Ray Pritchard

Max Lucado

David Jeremiah

Luci Swindoll

Marilyn Meberg

Dear Bess by Harry Truman

Anne of Green Gables series

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurty

the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

One Man’s Island

Cathie Pelletier books

Pride & Prejudice

Raney, by Clyde Edgerton.

James Herriot books

Were the Red Fern Grows

Sandra Dallas, Chili Queen.

Betty MacDonald’s Egg & I   

Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle

Or Northanger Abbey

The Cat
Brother Cadfael  

To Kill a Mockingbird

Jane Eyre

Pride and Prejudice

The Habit of Being by Flannery O’Conner

A Prayer for Owen Meanie (Meany?)

Because of Winn Dixie.  

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

Bloody Kansas by Sara Paretsky.

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

And Now For the Comments With The Books!

Pillars of The Earth By Ken Follet

I`m sassy, said…
Not normally my kind of reading but turned out to be a surprisingly wond
erful book.

suze-oz said…
Onions in the Stew

is one of my favourites. My mother loved it so much she has kept my copy. I have chuckled my way through it many times. The world was such a different place. If I ignored the smoking and drank a little my gp would approve…he often tells me that there is not enough scotch in my blood! He is a wonderful man who has a sensible view about life.  


chocolatechic said…
I have lots of favorites, but one series of books that have griped me ever since I read them was the
Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.
The Kite Runner
There is just something about this book and I love how it wraps around you.  

Where The Red Fern Grows
justaroundthecorner said…
I love this story and tend to chase people down in the kid section of the bookstore and suggest they read it.

donna said…
“An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of My Rural Boyhood” by Jimmy Carter.

Or Seabiscuit.
Honestly, who can pick just one favorite book?

gina said…
Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach (I am the self help queen…maybe I can send some along to you?…Not that you need any self help…I mean, just a suggestion…I’m pretty crazy, but you just may be nuttier than me :)

melissa said…
I have always loved Please Don’t Eat The Daises by Jean Kerr. I read it when I was 15 and have always had a copy on my book shelf. I just reread it again about a month ago. She makes me want to write.

stephanie said…
OMG I have way to many to mention..Off the top of my head
The Ivy Tree Mary Stewert
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Elizabeth Speare
Rosamunde Pilcher
Louis L’Amour

jeanette from texas said…
Anything by Mauve Binchy. I love the settings in Ireland.
I have one all time quirky favorite, Confederacy of Dunces. It is weird, funny and for some reason I love it.

To Kill a Mockingbird was one of the first favorites.
Dee from Tennessee

hw said…
“Follow the River” by James Alexander Thom. I like any of his books. They are all historical; but I read any genre.

jenn said…
My very favourite book is
Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood.

The Secret Garden”.

I just love that book! As a child/preteen, I also loved to read anything by Lois Lenski…since I am from Florida, my favorite book of hers is “Strawberry Girl”.

Deb in Florida

suzanne said…
Cross Creek by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a close second.

I love Rawlings though. I visited her home in Cross Creek, Florida, which is now a home museum. It was like walking into a time machine, back to the old Florida that I remember from the summers of my childhood in the early 1950′s. It was magic.

Although I have many, many favorite books, when someone asks me the title of my favorite book, for some reason, I always think of the books I loved as a child first. My favorite book of all time is

“Little Women.” : )

Mrs. I.

julie said…
I have so many favorite books. I love
The Outsiders,
Anne of Green Gables,
Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas,
My Sister’s Keeper,
The Man who Loved Clowns,
Spirit Bear.
Oh, how I love books.

noble pig said…
Oh my fave…
The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan…love it…just love.

I have so many favorites, but right now I would have to say
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, or
Joy in the Morning, both by Betty Smith.

I can read just about anything though. My favorite pasttime.
Wendy Clark

kristin said…
I love so many books it is hard to pick. The book that sucked me into my all time love of reading was
Little House on the Prairie. I still enjoy that one with my daughter. I also recently read

Pride and Predjudice and will read any of

Karen Kingsbury,

Dee Henderson or

Beverly Lewis for lighter reads.

David Baldacci and John Grisham when I’m in the mood for a thrill.

foofeee said…
Right now, anything by Lynn Kurland.
Philippa Gregory is an all time favorite.

How about a favorite poem? I can do that!

“Little Boy Blue” by Eugene Fields.

June 7, 2008 10:37 AM

mer said…
My favorite book is Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. It is a beautifully written story!!

jenny said…
I recently read Cold Comfort Farm that you had recommended on your blog and it was great! Quirky…very, very funny!

When talking about favorites I think I go for romantic, cultural…tragic? – the deep stuff, because my favorite book list includes Cold Mountain,
Snow Falling on Cedars and
Memoirs of a Geisha.
It also includes Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice.

leah said…
Okay, I know I sound like a total geek and this is such an un-original choice, but it’s To Kill a Mockingbird. True!

mcatho said…
One of My favorites—I have many as I am an avid reader– is

She’s come Undone by Wally Lamb.

jenni said…
Just one favorite……
Gone with the Wind, maybe. But really I have tons of favorites.

JustAroundTheCorner mentioned Where the Red Fern Grows, just the mention of that book brought a tear to my eye. I haven’t thought of that one in such a while.

karen yvonne said…
Jane Eyre . . . When I was in high school, talking in study hall one day, my English teacher who was monitorint the SH pulled Jane Eyre off the bookshelf, told me to be quiet, and to read the first 100 pages before I decided I did not want to read the book. Of course, long before 100 pages, I was hooked and have read it several times, enjoying it every single time.

heidi in wisconsin said…
Sacagawea – By Anna L. Waldo… I read this book over and over and over again in high school. The one I cherish the most is a smut novel by an unknown author. It makes me fall in love with my hubby all over again – no Fabio is not on the cover! Its a sensual Native American man with gorgeous black hair to his waste. Reminds me SO MUCH of my blonde, blued eyed,geeky, Norwegian husband that I want to have more of his children – that is after I have this one in July. LOL

cheryl said…
Gosh, I have so many favorites that it is hard to choose. I guess

“The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” is the latest one I have read and thoroughly enjoyed.

My favorite book is

“The Girl with the Pearl Earring”. I have never read a book that I felt more in the book than reading it. I heard the sounds, smells the odors and enjoyed the period of time.


kim said…
Off the top of my head, I think,

The Red Tent is my favorite book.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful reminder of,

The Egg & I.
I had forgotten all about this terrific book!

kelly myers said…
O Rugged Land of Gold by Martha Martin. I read it every year about fall/winter time and it does inspire me.

karly said…
I have bunches of favorite books but my favorite so far is

Twilight and Eclipse and New Moon they are great and they are by Stephenie Meyers.

kc said…
They are a trilogy by

Brendan O’Carroll. The Mammy, The Chisellers and The Granny

I have so many “favorite” books that I can’t choose just one!!! I’m currently reading

>Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum and I am absolutely riveted by

the family secrets of Nazi Germany! SO good!

Kristina in Nebraska

hazel said…
My favorite book would have to be

Little Women. My mother used to read to us when we were very young and this book impressed more on me than any of the others. I think I always wanted to be Jo!!

pat said…

My goodness gracious me…you won’t believe this. I was thinking about Betty M’s Oninons in the Stew, the other day! I would love to read that book again. Even though I was actually on the earth at the time it was first published, I wasn’t old enough to read. I actually read it after seeing the movie and I believe that was about 45 or so years ago! Oh and we have quite a little collection of Ma & Pa K, movies. It’s amazing how much our 18 year old granddaughter loves to watch those movies and has watched them many times over the past few years!

I’ve read The Plague and I, By Betty, also.

My favorite book. The one I go back to again and again and no matter how many times I read it I love it even more is

To Kill a Mockingbird.
I actually read that book when it first came out. I think I might have been late teens or twenty.

pamelotta said…
I don’t get a lot of time to read, so all the books I’m reading right now are in a stack on my nightstand and they are as follows:

The Encyclopedia of Country Living,
Taking Charge of Your Fertility,
Nourishing Traditions,
Living with Chickens,
and the one I just finished yesterday,
The Shack

The Shack is my current favorite. I’ll let you know about the rest. I’m obviously more into non-fiction than fiction.

karen deborah said…
I think my favorite is whatever I just read or am reading. I recently finished

“The Secret Life of Bees” it was a great story. MY house is so full of books it looks like a library. I have never heard of this book and some of your other titles so it will be fun to see what they are like. Ma & Pa Kettle were some of my childhood favorites. One you might enjoy that is really funny is,

“Mama Makes up Her Mind,” by Bailey White.

donna boucher said…
So hard to pick.

I will say….

The Princess Bride.

marmee said…
Jane Eyre

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Kite Runner

just to name a few….

maudie-mae said…
I have too many to choose from
The Velveteen Rabbit
The Ordinary Princess

for fluff reading I like Julie Garwood’s historical romances

for serious reading
He’s God and We’re Not by Ray Pritchard
Max Lucado
David Jeremiah
Luci Swindoll
Marilyn Meberg

my problem is that I work in one of those used book stores that lists books on Alibris (as well as a couple of other sites) and anything I want to bring home from the store is MINE MINE MINE to read. I have a stack of books beside my side of the bed that comes to the window sill, and then I have a floor to ceiling book case FULL. Sigh

darlene said…
One of my favorites is

“Dear Bess”.
The letters from Harry to Bess Truman 1910 to 1959.

I learned a lot about President Truman from these letters. A great read.

beth said…
It’s so hard to decide, but I can’t help but list the

Anne of Green Gables series.
One of my more recent reads, though, is

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.

Some of my favorites are

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurty,

The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and

Alaskan/Canadian memoirs like -One Man’s Island – the author and his wife bought an island off the coast of British Columbia in the 1940′s and homesteaded there. I also love to read interesting and old cookbooks. Nancy in AK

kari said…
Before I started homeschooling (and reading REALLY good books – where every.stinkin’.one is my favorite) I read all the

Cathie Pelletier books I could get my hands on. She has such a warped sense of humor…and laughing inappropriately at situations at home is much more fitting than doing so in real life.

waterside living said…
Well, of course

Pride & Prejudice, but where’s the fun and originality in that? So I’ll mention another of my favorites:

Raney, by Clyde Edgerton. A bust-a-gut funny story of a young bride in small town North Carolina. In fact, its been so long since I read it I might have to go find it and read it again!

liz said…
James Herriot books (English country vet) -I’ve read, re-read, read to my kids and read again. I’ve laughed till I couldn’t read through the tears. His story telling is the best! Warm, funny,’s all there.

p said…
Gosh I have so many–it does not happen very often that you do notfind me reading something. My son just finished the book Were the Red Fern Grows and I picked that up to re re re read again today. Thanks for the chance.

susan p. said…
Speaking of reading…My favorite usually depends on what I’ve just read and liked. Most recently that was

Sandra Dallas, Chili Queen.

Right now I’m reading a

Dorothy Cannell mystery which is fun.

cynthia said…

I think that my fave is Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle.

Or Northanger Abbey,

or The Cat who series,

or the Brother Cadfael series

amy w said…
My favorite – “To Kill a Mockingbird”

coffee bean said…
I love so many books… there are just so many wonderful ones out there… but, I’d have to say

Jane Eyre is my favorite if I can only say one.

rachel keller said…
My favorite books is

Pride and Prejudice, for obvious reasons, I cant get over the crush I had on Mr Darcy when I was 16…I go all giggly when I think of it and read the beloved words again!

beth c said…
I love lots of books, but my absolute favorite is

The Habit of Being, which are Flannery O’Conner’s letters. It’s an amazing book on many levels.

jeannie in okc said…
I’m a voracious reader, and I love many books. One adult book that comes to my mind is

A Prayer for Owen Meanie (Meany?). Loved that one!

Since I write for children, I seem to mostly read children’s books. Some of them are great literature. One I just reread while teaching my fourth grade class is

Because of Winn Dixie. It is a beautiful book about loss and forgiveness.

mama bear said…
Too many books to choose from! I read anything and everything.

Harry Potter,
Laura Ingalls Wilder,
Stephen King, you name it! Usually I find one author and if I like his/her book, I read everything written by him/her.

I recently enjoyed reading

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Excellent! I plan to go to the library tomorrow to search out another of hers and will probably have read every one of her books by the end of summer.

mrs. c said…
I have a lawn mower just like Betty’s and I use it!

Oh, but my favorite book. Today it is

Bloody Kansas by Sara Paretsky.

But tomorrow it maybe something else, like the

Happy Hollisters.

June 8, 2008 8:38 PM

marie said…
I can’t seem to get out of the childrens room at the library with all of my kids, so all I can get my hands on is Childrens Lit. I recently enjoyed

The Theif by Megan Whalen Turner.

June 8, 2008 9:33 PM