Corn on The Cob 101

June 5th, 2008

First there is the thinking part.

Followed rapidly by the doing part.

And then back to thinking…

Sometimes these decisions can appear to be painful…

As if the subject were in physical agony…

But that is just an illusion.  In truth the cob only gives life…

Even serenity…

And then the cycle starts all over again…

Isaac asked Jack, ” When is the part where you rub the cob in your lap…?”

Jack explained to Isaac that the lap has nothing to do with the cob.

Slowly, Isaac came to understand.    


  • Jenni:

    Corn on the cob is one of my favorite things–with plenty of salt and lots of buttah. Half my family doesn’t like it though. It’s too much work and the corn gets in your teeth. Whiners. You can cut your own corn off the cob. And why is it that cut corn just isn’t as good as corn on the cob? Unless it’s creamed corn (not from a can), which my family also does not like. Whiners. At least they like sweet potatoes.

  • Maria:

    OH, this brings back memories…why do I remember rubbing corn on the cob on my lap…to get the little tassley’s off…right? And I love RAW corn on the cob…nothing sweeter…really…these photos are precious.

  • Jess B:

    SO cute! Great pictures!!

  • Ivory Spring:

    Cute post!

  • Marilyn:

    So cute. I want to eat the juicy corn and the sweet face that goes with it. Time to grill some corn!

  • Alisa:

    Lovin’ those freckles. Corn is yummy.

  • MUD:

    Corn is not for your lap, it was for your backside. Thank god for Toilet Paper. There just has to be something about the taste that the cob adds when you eat it You know that smell adds a lot to the taste of food. I love it but it is like grease through a goose unless I stop and chew each mouthful 35 or 40 times. I know, TMI. MUD

  • Rechelle:

    Grease through a goose???I think I have found my new quote for the header Mud!

  • Coffee Bean:

    Aren’t those freckles precious? What darling boys!Hey, you still have time to be part of my contest… iffen’ ya want… It is for a good cause and something that is important to me.

  • noble pig:

    I love corn on the cob but those freckles…they are my favorite! I could eat those up.Question: I’ve been trying to add you to my Google reader to no avail…it won’t work…has anyone ever told you that before?

  • Rechelle:

    ARRRGH!! Dear Noble, I think it only works if you click on the RSS button on my blog. If you try to add it by typing it in, it doesn’t work…

  • MUD:

    Yesterday I walked in to Dillon’s and before I could help myself, I had a package of five “Corn on the Cobs” in my basket. Or is it like Hands full and should be corns on the cob? Rechelle is always welcome to use anything I make up. Some of it is from the deep recesses of my mind but a lot is just things I heard somewhere and repeat. MUD

  • Caution:

    We found last night that corn on the cob seems to taste better after being rolled around the table, some homework, and once or twice on the floor.