The Italian Papers

May 3rd, 2008

On a recent trip to the Italian Riviera…I mean to Lawrence, Kansas (which is practically the same thing) I stumbled across these very cute poster sized Italian papers at a wonderful store on Massachusetts Street called Brits.

I don’t know why a store called Brits which specializes in all things British was selling Italian papers.  All I know, is that the papers were very cute and very cheap ($3.99 each) so I grabbed several, and a handful of chocolates, paid my tab and drove home.

I bought these plain black frames almost a year ago in a pathetic attempt to hang something on all the blank walls in our house.  I brought the frames home, tucked them securely behind the laundry room door and that is where they have been all this time.  

When I got home I rushed upstairs to get the frames from behind the laundry room door, lugged them down to the kitchen table, only to discover that the papers did not properly fit the frames.  Ugh!  I don’t want to buy more frames!  

So I started playing with the papers thinking maybe I could use one paper to frame another paper.

Finally, I found a combination that I liked, and I started hacking away.

I used spray adhesive for this project to avoid any unfortunate glue smears which is something I am prone to do.

Look at that!  It is almost like my body was temporarily possessed by someone with actual crafting skills! 

Please step back.  If you examine this project too closely you will start to see the seams and the cracks and the crevices and it is really better if we can just all pretend that they don’t exist.

Voila!  Cute Italian papers with cute French sayings from a cute British shop.  I am so well travelled!  I wonder how long these will sit here before I get them hung on the walls?  

But seriously these papers are extremely affordable and the possibilities are endless.  I would like to see what a truly gifted craft type person could do with these.  Okay – I gotta go find a place to hang these now.  
Au Revoir,


  • Donna Boucher:

    Those are just beautiful.I think you have found your special talent!

  • PAT:

    Looks great Rechelle!I’m enjoying reading about the construction of your beautiful home! Pat

  • HW:

    How cut is that?!And I love that spray adhesive too. I used it on bold floral print fabrics and framed them for my daughter’s bedroom – to imitate some art work we saw in a catalog and couldn’t afford. I look forward to catching up on your new mob blog.

  • Karen Deborah:

    very very chic! good job. I love your house. All you need now is a huge standard poodle puppy to be romping in the yard. You could name him Rain, or Lightening. something to follow Thunder, the emancipated dog. Ya’ll are so cute,…..

  • noble pig:

    Ooooh, I like it hear! Congrats on your new crib! Love it.

  • savannah:

    You are amazing…How on earth do you do it all!You are an ART – IST!!!(pronounced in a lovely french accent!)

  • The Summer Kitchen Interiors:

    Wow – cute idea! I think you need to move out of the garden department……!

  • The Summer Kitchen Interiors:

    By the way, I also love the idea of the MOB!

  • Veronica Mitchell:

    Adorable. I love it.

  • Jenny:

    I understand your hesitation with hanging those lovely framed, french papers. It’s because you really invisioned those for ME to hang in MY house. You may bring them over anytime. Really, anytime will be fine!

  • Nancy:

    I think you should assemble multiples of these beautifully framed french papers and set up shop at the next Tulip Festival!Oh, and I think I know just the right spot to hang these – - my house!

  • Mandy:

    Those are stinkin awesome. I have been reading your (other) blog forever. Who knew you were crafty! Very nice!

  • casapinka:


  • Brits:

    They are beautiful! Just wanted to clarify you bought the paper at the store next door, Au Marche. Both absolutely wonderful stores and so close together we’re often mistaken for each other. :)from your friends at Brits.

  • Anonymous:

    Don’t you mean Ciao?? not au revoir?? being in the Italiano mode………….love them.