The Fabulous Fudge Cake Debacle

May 27th, 2008
We had a truly fabulous Memorial Day Weekend.  Several different varieties of family members stopped by to watch the rain pour down from the porch.  We cooked out in a thunderstorm, and watched it rain some more.  Finally on Monday afternoon, my mom and I loaded up the kids and drove to Manhattan (Kansas) to see Prince Caspian.  It was wonderful.  
As a kid, I read and re-read and re-read and re-read and re-read all the Narnia books.  Along with Nancy Drew and Madeline L’Engle’s science fiction, the Chronicles were a mainstay for me.  I did not think the first movie was spectacular.  Something about it bugged me.  But the second movie based on the second book more than makes up for it in capturing the true essence of the book which is after all an allegory on the challenge of believing in God which was the thorn in C.S. Lewis’s side.  Wow!  The second film really nailed it. The children’s characters were more developed and they seemed more “real” and the dynamics of the brother and sister relationships made me cry (especially the brothers).  
Anyway great film.  I plan to see it again,I enjoyed it so much.
So when we arrived back at our fake farm, from the movies, I set about to make a cake from scratch.   Because I am such a scratch cake baker!  Actually, my friend Liz who was here for mother’s day and who baked a Victoria Sponge while here, managed to leave here cookbook behind.  I have been eyeing it for several days and decided to give one of the cakes inside a try, The chocolate fudge cake.

And that is how this picture of chaos happened.  After making the cake from scratch, I was far too exhausted to even think about making the accompanying fudge frosting.  So I decided to whip up some whipped cream.  Except I was also grilling some steaks, and chatting with my sister… and shucking some corn… and slicing some watermelon… and fretting over my cakes… and ordering my kids around… and trying to tidy things up a bit and… well… um… 

I whipped the cream too long and it turned into butter.

So I cried for a while.  And then I added some cocoa powder and some powdered sugar and then I thought wait… I want this to be special… I want this to be interesting… I want this to be unique… so I rooted around in the fridge and found….

Some hoity toity mustard for all you mustard snobs out there….

But I did not add it.  Then I had to drain off the whey and it was not looking very good at all.

But finally, it was spreadable.  And yes it tasted like chocolate butter in a not very good chocolate butter way.

So I covered the chocolate butter in strawberries…

And here we have chocolate fudge cake with strawberries and my mom cleaning the kitchen.

Chocolate fudge cake with my dad and the Country Doctor on the porch.

Chocolate fudge cake with pond.

Chocolate fudge cake with urn.

Chocolate fudge cake with kids on trampoline.

Chocolate fudge cake with red barn.

Chocolate fudge cake with April on computer.

My piece of chocolate fudge cake.  It was delicious.  I am going to try another one of those recipes soon!


  • Natalie:

    I gotta tell you, I just love your posts like this. They remind me of those traveling gnome pictures or the silly still-lifes that we had to draw in art class!

  • Pamelotta:

    I can’t believe you “buttered” your cake and put strawberries on top.You’re brave. However, I’m thinking that chocolate butter might not be a bad idea. Has it ever been done before? Am I just forgetting that I see it every 2 weeks in the grocery store? I don’t think so. I think you’re onto something. I think if you can spread strawberry or chocolate cream cheese on a bagle, why not chocolate butter on an english muffin? You rock with your chocolate butter!

  • Alisa:

    Chocolate can never be bad. Can it? I would like mine with the red barn please?

  • Anonymous:

    And that’s why I always keep an emergency jar of Nutella in the cabinet. It’ll fix any cake and/or pms emergency in seconds flat. -Renovation Therapy

  • Maria:

    Your Dad has lovely legs. Nice as CD’s! And just as nice as Aprils…although that photo was kinda blurry. Maybe she needed to shave….

  • Junebug:

    I can’t wait to see Prince Caspian. The cake and the red barn photo is very good.

  • cndymkr / jean:

    I can’t believe you ate it! I would have started over or just put powdered sugar on the top of the cake. Chocolate butter would have been great on toast.

  • Coffee Bean:

    It tasted okay? hmmmm…

  • Mary:

    What I want to know is: How did you get those strawberries to GLOW? xoxo,Mary

  • SpoiledMom:

    This is the one of the cutest posts I have ever seen. I needed this humor. The cake looks delicious and I loved all the places it visited, too. Too bad it didn’t come to my house.I may have eaten the whole thing! LOLChrissy @ SpoiledMom