Second Son Shows Early Proclivity to Bond… James Bond

May 6th, 2008

OH MY GOSH!  I am having so much fun reading your birth stories!  They are wonderful and warm and funny and HOW AM I EVER GOING TO CHOOSE!  

Please keep sending them – you have til Wednesday 7PM CST.  Details in the post below.
The Country Doctor’s Wife Birth Story #2
It was the holiday season 1996.  My sister-in-law Barb was getting married right after Christmas in the family’s home town which is out in Western Kansas.  The notyeta Country Doctor and I and our two year old son were there for the festivities.  I was eight months pregnant.
The Country Doctor’s family is very large and my in-laws’ home was bursting at the seams, so we were staying in a nearby hotel.  I had slumped back to our lodgings to rest a bit.  As I laid down on the hotel bed, I started to feel some pretty regular tightenings around the abdominal area.  I got pretty freaked out because I had zero desire to deliver in a strange town away from my midwives.  I could just imagine trying to talk a small town doctor into letting me walk all the way through labor and just leave me alone and get that damn fetal monitor away from me, and get behind me Satan with your IVs!  I can do this on my own you dumb, stupid, dumb doctor!

I called the midwives and they told me to drink a glass of wine, jump in the car and drive home.
So I did.
Eighty miles down the road, the contractions completely stopped.
Four days later our second son was born. 
I missed the wedding, to which the bride Barb wore a cape and carried a fur muff with her wedding dress, because it was a winter wedding.  Isn’t that cool!
In our haste to leave town we left our two year old behind in the care of the family.   The notyeta Country Doctor and I spent four days with no baby to care for.  We went to movies, and out to dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Oh… except I was desperately trying to have a baby.

Ethan was finally born on the morning of New Year’s Eve.  I distinctly remember that first night in the hospital with him.  The bride and her new husband brought our two year old to us as they had travelled to Kansas City as part of their honeymoon.  Calder’s diapers were on backwards, but other than that, they did a great job taking care of him.  Jason, Barb’s new husband snuck a bottle of champagne into my hospital room and we all quietly toasted the New Year.  
After well wishes to the new couple and the new baby, everyone left and I was alone with my infant son.  I looked over at him lying in the bassinet and his eyes were wide open.  I turned on the TV and a James Bond movie was playing.  Ethan and I watched the movie together.  

I love James Bond… and guess who else in this particular family does?  


  • Coffee Bean:

    Entry #1Years ago we had the opportunity to be in regular fellowship with a family that moved to Mississippi from the Northwest for about a year. Somehow, through both of our families moving to different states… and them several times, we have lost touch. But, I will always remember them fondly and hope that we are able to re-connect at some point in the future. This is their story.C and J were married fairly young and had their two boys close together. They decided at that point that they only wanted to have two children and they were fine with that for a few years. C had had a vasectomy which they then had reversed. They had not had any problems conceiving the boys and were disappointed when the reversal apparently did not take. They were sure that they were meant to have another child and had prayed about the decision.After some time passed (I believe it was a year or so), J learned through a family member or a friend of a woman who was related to that person by marriage that was pregnant. She was married and had several children but they were in bad shape and she did not want the child. She was planning on getting an abortion. J was so moved that she wrote the woman a letter asking her to not get an abortion and offered to take her child. The woman was very offended and it did not go over well at all. She was going ahead with the abortion but she did tell her family member that she would not do it if she felt the baby move. J and the women in her bible study prayed that she would feel the baby move. She did and at a much earlier time than usual.Time went on and J continued to pray for this woman and her family but there was no contact at all between them. When the woman was 8 months pregnant, she called J up to see if she had been serious. They could not afford another child and she didn’t want it. She said yes not knowing how they were going to work it all out. Things got very crazy as this woman had never seen a doctor through the entire pregnancy and they couldn’t find an OB willing to take her on. Eventually, they found and OB who had adopted himself and was willing to take the risk. They had to get a lawyer and make sure that everything they did was legal. They also had to have a home study done. All the while, they had no idea how they were going to pay for all of it and it was really wracking up.There were some tense moments as, with all adoptions, the mother can change her mind at any point. The birth father, C and J were all present for the birth of a perfect baby girl. The birth father actually handed C his daughter and told C, “Congratulations Dad.”A couple at their church heard of their story and were so touched that they paid for everything. Just like that. If ever there was a story of God closing one door and opening another, this one is it. They came into our lives when little A was about 7 months old. She stole my heart and I was blessed to have her take her very first steps with her arms outstretched to me.Entry #2This is my story. My last birth story. I am sorry to say that I am not a good breeder. All three of my pregnancies were high risk and each a frightful tale. My son’s takes the cake though.I went into labor at 23 weeks. We had gone to the hospital because we knew something was wrong. My husband was not allowed back into the labor and delivery unit with our girls who were then 2 and 3. It was very early in the morning and he was trying to find someone to take care of them for us. Admitting called to find out why I was there and I heard the nurse tell them from the other room that I was in labor. I did not know that and it was a shocking thing to hear while lying there alone.They were eventually able to stop the contractions. For the next 13 weeks I was on bed rest and we had to put our girls in daycare. There were many more trips to the hospital and I basically kept a log of contractions for 3 months. Once I hit 36 weeks I was taken off of the drugs because they said that at that point it would be better to have my son a little early than to keep taking them. And nothing. Nothing!Some good friends came to visit us from Connecticut. We had both been in their wedding and hadn’t seen them since before they had their little girl. We were living in Pasadena, CA and they wanted to see the sights. I was told I no longer needed to be on bed rest and so we went. We went to the L.A. Zoo and we went to the beach. New Port Beach. In fact, I loved boogie boarding and thought it would be fine for me to catch a few waves because my belly would hang down into the water. I had some great fun until I caught a wicked wave that hurtled me toward the shore at frightening speed… and caused by belly to run up on the sand and leave me flailing about like a great white beached whale. Still, no more contractions.A bit later, my husband and I discovered that we were badly sunburned. I also felt that I was becoming a bit swollen. We went to the hospital just to get checked out and make sure everything was okay. My husband actually had sun poisoning and wallered on the floor moaning. The doctors and nurses were not very kind and we were lectured a few times. I was 25 and my husband was 26. We both looked younger than that though and the fact that we already had two other children caused palpable disdain to be shot our direction. And really, what were we thinking? Oh, and so you know, our girls did not get sunburned. We made sure they were protected. Gosh, that sounds pretty lame.Well, our friends left the next day. My husband stayed home from work because he was a mess. In fact, 4 years ago we caught a nasty melanoma on his back and he has a lovely 6 inch scar across his shoulder. I noticed that I was getting even more swollen. I called the doctor’s office and talked to the nurse. They knew all about our trip to the hospital the night before and weren’t real happy with me. After 3 months of back and forth and stress tests and call after call, they were tired of me. I felt pretty ashamed and stupid and dumb.But… I kept swelling. I called again the next day. I was told to keep my feet elevated and to drink more water and to not eat anything with salt in it. I tried to explain that I was really swollen. The nurse was rude to me to the point where I said that I wanted to talk to the doctor myself. My doctor called me a bit later and I told him that I was very swollen. He sighed deeply and told me that I had an appointment the very next day. I could tell by his tone that he was tired of me. I cried when I hung up.The next afternoon my husband took me in for my appointment. I could not fit in my clothes. I could not fit in any shoes. I had to wear a ginormous nightshirt with snoopy on it and black stretch pants.. and slippers. I was mortified. I waddled into the office and the nurse first took me to the scale. In a matter of days I had gained 19 lbs. I started blubbering and making incoherent attempts at speech. They checked my urine and my blood pressure. The nurse kept telling me to calm down. The doctor came in and checked my blood pressure several times himself. I needed to go to the hospital immediately. I had toxemia. And after 3 months of counting contractions, I had to be induced.My doctor was not scheduled to be on call that night but he was very concerned about me. His wife played in an orchestra and he had to go to an event of hers but he said he’d come to the hospital when he was done. He did and he stayed until I had my son the next morning. It was a rough delivery. The umbilical chord was wrapped around our son’s neck several times and there was an actual knot in it. In fact, our doctor had never seen that himself and put it in a pan and left it in the doctor’s lounge for others to see. Our son was 23″ long and weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. and was nearly 4 weeks early.Later that night a nurse wheeled a scale into my room. After giving birth to that big baby boy… I had gained another 5 lbs. in addition to what I weighed BEFORE I had

    him. Yes, it is true. I am the only person I have ever known to have gained weight while giving birth. I did also lose 50 lbs. in 4 days though too.

  • Rechelle:

    Oh my gosh Coffee Bean that line at the end of your story about gaining more weight right after delivery is hilarious!

  • MUD:

    Did I mention that I did not want to be considered in the contest. I am like the chicken in the Ham and eggs breakfast. The chicken participated but the hog was committed. There are a lot of women that can tell taller tales than I in this matter. I can only relate but have not “Lived” the experience. MUD

  • Junebug:

    My son has got the James Bond going on all the time. He has always loved it. I was able to buy him a James Bond replica car in London when I was there in 2000. His vocabulary includes “queue” and “the loo” and “coolant” and several other words that are quite British. :D

  • Marti:

    I only have one child, a son, so obviously, I have only one birth story. This story has the potential to be quite long, but I’ll shorten up a lot.We found out the day before Christmas Eve that my son’s kidneys weren’t developing the way that should have be. It was diagnosed that my son would be born with a cystic kidney. That’s all they could tell us that day. They didn’t know how bad it would be, or what could be done. We would have to make an appointment with a specialist to find out more.Cut to a couple of months later, after we had been to many specialists. One said he wouldn’t be able to tell for sure what my baby would need until he was out of the womb and tests could be run on the baby himself. However, as long as he was in the womb, he would be fine, because my kidneys were doing the work for him. Another specialist said that it was possible that my child would not live but a few days past birth. Another specialist said that my son would be fine and live a full life with just one functioning kidney. In other words, we still didn’t know what was going to take place once my son made his way out of my protective womb.I had to get a steroid shots in the bum twice a week and have a sonogram once a week for six months. The shots were to help develop his lungs faster in case he had to be taken out early, and the sonograms were just to keep an eye on how things were progressing.On April 1st, my son tried to burst forth into the world two months early. I had the pleasure of being given drugs to stop my labor and I got to be on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy (which would end up being about six more weeks). I’m not one to watch ceiling fans spin around, so being on bed rest was pure and utter torture. I could take the nasty ass drugs, but please don’t ever put me on bed rest.May 8th is my birthday. The year my son was born, Mother’s Day was May 9th. They felt that my son had gestated enough that he could be born and were prepared to take him around these two dates. I said I wanted to wait, so that we could be sure that he would have a birthday of his very own. What a drag to have to share your birthday with your mother or Mother’s Day. So, exactly one week from my birthday, on May 15th, they induced labor.We were prepared for anything that would happen once that baby popped his little head out. The big question was, would his kidneys be functioning on their own, and how long would it take to know this?They began giving me Pitocin at 8:00am and my son was born at 4:43pm. I heard him cry and he was placed on my belly, and then, as if to tell us that he was fine, he let up a tall fountain of urine all over the attending nurse. Everybody cheered!My son will be 10 years old this May 15th, and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday/mother’s day present. He still has one kidney that doesn’t have any function at all, and one that functions perfectly fine right now, but has begun to develop some small cysts. Eventually, he will have to have a kidney transplant, but that probably won’t happen until he reaches adulthood.When he was seven, I promised him he could have a cell phone when he was ten. I didn’t realize how fast ten would come. He wants to be able to pick out his own cell phone, so now I’m off to pick him up at school and take him to the Sprint store. Heaven help us, and my phone bill.