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We ordered several cabinets in our house in paint grade poplar in an attempt to hold costs down.

Ha ha ha heee hee ah ha ha ha ho ho hee hee hee ho ho ho har har har har.



Where was I?

Oh yes… saving money.

Can I just say that this tiny little cost saving measure in no way compensates for the thousands of “surprise costs” and “last minute changes” and “hidden expenses” and YOU BOUGHT WHAT!?!?! and HOW MUCH DID YOU SAY THAT EXTRA STEP ON THE SIDE PORCH COSTS???!!!???

So getting the paint grade cabinets was not only a very minor savings, in the grand scheme of things, it also gave us one more task to do ourselves which I have just been too weak and shaky to even think about…


The Country Doctor took all the boys on a camping trip last weekend. I decided to use that precious, golden, holy, sacred, blissful, gift of time alone to paint the stinking… not cost effective… not saving us any money… %$*#*#%^& mudroom cabinets.

I decided to make the cabinet doors into a chalkboard.

No mom, I did not use the magnetic/chalkboard paint. I could not find any magnetic/chalkboard in my small town hardware store and I was not about to drive 20 miles to the bigger town just for a can of magnetic/chalkboard paint. My family is just going to have to suffer and subsist on chalkboard only cabinets! How will they ever face another dawn?

Here is the dreary aftermath.

Here is where I started to paint the mudroom cabinets in the high gloss Killim Red paint that I bought right before Thanksgiving in order to have the mudroom cabinets painted by Christmas.

Ha ha ha ha ha hoo hoo hee hee hee ho ho ho har har har heh heh ho ho hee har ho.

Here is where I started to have serious misgivings about that high gloss Killim Red paint on my mudroom cabinets. Here is where I started to think that my mudroom cabinets were beginning to look like they were painted with left over fingernail polish from the Dollar store. Here is where I started to wonder if I was completely cracked out on cranberry sauce when I bought that high gloss Killim Red paint.

Here is where I thought about toning the cracked out glossy red paint down with a pale yellow interior on the inside of the cubbies.

Here is where I considered repainting the cabinets in Ralph Lauren Sun Washed Blue.

Here is my son Calder running in a local track meet on a Killim Red Track.

Here is his little brother Jack drinking a Ralph Lauren Sun Washed Blue Gatorade.

Here is where I received the sign and went ahead and finished off the cabinets in Killim Red.

Can you see the sign?

This very, very cute sign!

I  ordered this custom sign from one of the artisans at our hometown Tulip Fest.

When I walk in my mudroom, I try very hard not to look at the glossy garish killim red cabinets and I focus all my energy on this cute sign.

I am giving away one $60.00 gift certificate for a custom made sign for your own garish glossy mudroom…. or for any other room in your house. Your sign can say whatever you like! Cindy at Cindy’s Signs and Such will make it for you and I will ship it out.

Just tell me what your custom made sign would say in the comments. I will have a random drawing on Saturday to find the winner. Contest ends at noon CST on Saturday. Thanks for dropping by!

OH MY GOSH!  I am having so much fun reading your birth stories!  They are wonderful and warm and funny and HOW AM I EVER GOING TO CHOOSE!  

Please keep sending them – you have til Wednesday 7PM CST.  Details in the post below.
The Country Doctor’s Wife Birth Story #2
It was the holiday season 1996.  My sister-in-law Barb was getting married right after Christmas in the family’s home town which is out in Western Kansas.  The notyeta Country Doctor and I and our two year old son were there for the festivities.  I was eight months pregnant.
The Country Doctor’s family is very large and my in-laws’ home was bursting at the seams, so we were staying in a nearby hotel.  I had slumped back to our lodgings to rest a bit.  As I laid down on the hotel bed, I started to feel some pretty regular tightenings around the abdominal area.  I got pretty freaked out because I had zero desire to deliver in a strange town away from my midwives.  I could just imagine trying to talk a small town doctor into letting me walk all the way through labor and just leave me alone and get that damn fetal monitor away from me, and get behind me Satan with your IVs!  I can do this on my own you dumb, stupid, dumb doctor!

I called the midwives and they told me to drink a glass of wine, jump in the car and drive home.
So I did.
Eighty miles down the road, the contractions completely stopped.
Four days later our second son was born. 
I missed the wedding, to which the bride Barb wore a cape and carried a fur muff with her wedding dress, because it was a winter wedding.  Isn’t that cool!
In our haste to leave town we left our two year old behind in the care of the family.   The notyeta Country Doctor and I spent four days with no baby to care for.  We went to movies, and out to dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Oh… except I was desperately trying to have a baby.

Ethan was finally born on the morning of New Year’s Eve.  I distinctly remember that first night in the hospital with him.  The bride and her new husband brought our two year old to us as they had travelled to Kansas City as part of their honeymoon.  Calder’s diapers were on backwards, but other than that, they did a great job taking care of him.  Jason, Barb’s new husband snuck a bottle of champagne into my hospital room and we all quietly toasted the New Year.  
After well wishes to the new couple and the new baby, everyone left and I was alone with my infant son.  I looked over at him lying in the bassinet and his eyes were wide open.  I turned on the TV and a James Bond movie was playing.  Ethan and I watched the movie together.  

I love James Bond… and guess who else in this particular family does?  

The Italian Papers

May 3rd, 2008

On a recent trip to the Italian Riviera…I mean to Lawrence, Kansas (which is practically the same thing) I stumbled across these very cute poster sized Italian papers at a wonderful store on Massachusetts Street called Brits.

I don’t know why a store called Brits which specializes in all things British was selling Italian papers.  All I know, is that the papers were very cute and very cheap ($3.99 each) so I grabbed several, and a handful of chocolates, paid my tab and drove home.

I bought these plain black frames almost a year ago in a pathetic attempt to hang something on all the blank walls in our house.  I brought the frames home, tucked them securely behind the laundry room door and that is where they have been all this time.  

When I got home I rushed upstairs to get the frames from behind the laundry room door, lugged them down to the kitchen table, only to discover that the papers did not properly fit the frames.  Ugh!  I don’t want to buy more frames!  

So I started playing with the papers thinking maybe I could use one paper to frame another paper.

Finally, I found a combination that I liked, and I started hacking away.

I used spray adhesive for this project to avoid any unfortunate glue smears which is something I am prone to do.

Look at that!  It is almost like my body was temporarily possessed by someone with actual crafting skills! 

Please step back.  If you examine this project too closely you will start to see the seams and the cracks and the crevices and it is really better if we can just all pretend that they don’t exist.

Voila!  Cute Italian papers with cute French sayings from a cute British shop.  I am so well travelled!  I wonder how long these will sit here before I get them hung on the walls?  

But seriously these papers are extremely affordable and the possibilities are endless.  I would like to see what a truly gifted craft type person could do with these.  Okay – I gotta go find a place to hang these now.  
Au Revoir,