The Last Supper, A Tale of Steak, Potatoes, and Long Lost Love

April 23rd, 2008



Hmmmmm.. my stay at Pioneer Woman’s lodge seems to have these strange religious overtones… First the Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse show up… and then a visit from the Oracle… and now the Last Supper…  Can someone please interpret these omens… these signs… these portents… for me.  

Oh wait!  I am sure The Oracle Known as Steve will be able to explain it all to me the next time I see him.  

He usually does.


Our last night at the lodge was celebrated with a simple but superb meal.  





Marlboro Man cut the ribeye steaks right off of a cow!  

He then seasoned them, and grilled them to a perfection that I did not know existed on this temporal plane we call middle earth.





Ree made a salad.



And some garlic mashed potatoes.  




And then while everyone else stood around…

telling Ree jokes…

drinking wine… 



Swapping stories…


with their arms hanging uselessly at their sides…




I set the table.  


Someone has to do the work around here!



Ree asked me if I was setting the table…

…or conducting a social experiment.



I told her to give me some more potatoes.






This was our meal.  It was delicious.  I am looking at this photo of our dinner and thinking about Marilyn who is always plating things.  I learned the art of plating from Marilyn.  I learned the word ‘plating’ from Marilyn.  Sorry Marilyn… probably not plated very well… as you know… I plated it.

But it was DELICIOUS!  

Oh my gosh!

We dug into that meal and ate with  the gusto of real cowboys.  Because we were real cowboys.  We rode horses!  We wrestled calves!  We had figured out how to put on a pair of chaps!  We had all dozed off to the sound of my sister’s voice asking MM ten thousand questions about ranching.  So, we were hungry… famished… ravenous!   And the meal was delicious!  It was like dancing with a sunrise, floating on a moonbeam, riding on a unicorn, sliding down a mountain into a silvery lake of clouds.  It was a perfect meal.  



And then I met Cowboy Josh.  



And my heart will never be the same again.


  • Looks like waaaay too much fun! Wish I coulda come! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who cooks w/a glass of white wine next to me…

  • Finally! Thank you. I just had to know what you ate.
    Looks like it was awesome..of course!

    But what about breakfast…with the bacon?

    And uh….your camera needs a flash.

  • Ruth Ann:

    I read your comments all the time on Pioneer Woman; i loved seeing everyone’s pics for your weekend at the Lodge. Clicked on your name today and it was fun actually seeing pics of Ree and MM; they are rare! I know you must have had a great time! What fun for you and hubby to get away.

    I will enjoy reading here. isn’t it fun how one blog leads to another. Thanks!

    Ruth Ann

  • I found you from Pioneer woman’s blog and just wanted to say that those mashed potatoes looked heavenly! :-)

  • OH!!!! HE is my favorite!!! He’s a sweet heart isnt he? I know he must be! :)

  • So much fun! You did a lovely job, really – but I must say I’m shocked that PW doesn’t have, you know, a plating station. Whatever that is. All I know is that’s the nicest lodge kitchen that side of the Pecos.

    (Whatever that means – when it comes to ranch-speak, I’ve got nothing)

    Glad you’re back. See you soon!

  • I agree. I second that. It’s all true. Especially the Josh part.

  • Great pictures!
    I can not imagine how much fun that must have been!
    I love reading all the stories about it :)

  • Tell us more about Cowboy Josh and his heartmelting super powers!

  • Up next on PW. Home and garden… Plating Stations a complete How To while Keeping it Real.

    Ahhhhh…..Cowboy Josh.

  • I leave you alone for a few minutes (months, oops) and you start a new blog!!! I was a lurker on your old blog, which gave me great joy. (reading it, country life, not the lurking part)
    and now you are at the lodge with Ree and MM!!! How’d that happen?

    You are my blog envy.

  • Fran:


  • I have loved reading about seeing Ree and MM’s ranch from the eyes of a visitor. LOVE the pics of Ree and MM. Love this blog, will definitely be back!

  • Had to scroll quickly past the meat pictures – shudder! Luckily, I got some delicious garlic mashed potatoes and Cowboy Josh for dessert! ;-)

  • G.B.:

    I’m secretly in love with Cowboy Josh. I bet he’s just dreamy in person!

  • ok. This is what I think….there are not really religious undertones, but spiritual ones. Sometimes, no matter what our religious views are we CONNECT with people. And those connections were gifts for you from your Abba. Enjoy.
    foolishly speaking, cowboy josh is darned cute.

  • mai:

    UMMMMMM Cowboy Josh….oh wait I’m married.

  • Beth:

    Wonderful post, as always. I love having each blogger’s version of the weekend.

  • Beth:

    And what is it with that tablesetting? I’m going with social experiment.

  • You know, during that entire meal I just kept hoping I wouldn’t repeat Meg Ryan’s performance from the restaurant in When Harry Met Sally. That steak was really *that* good. (Yes, I’m a little weird about my food.) But I was sitting next to Cowboy Josh, and I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea.