Sordid Past, The Mac Davis Years

April 9th, 2008
Here is a photo from the time that April and I released a country gospel tribute album to Abba called…
‘Country Roads Take A Chance on Me’.

Other than the title cut, the hits from that legendary album included…

I Just Ain’t Holy Enough To Homeschool

Oh Freedom… Oh Freedom… Oh Freedom My Kids go to Public School!

Jesus Loves the Little Children… Even If Their Mamas Don’t Homeschool Them (kind of).

My Jesus I Love Thee and I Kin Prove It Too Cuz I Homeschool Sup Dawg? (This was a rap tune).

The Devil Went Down to Georgia Disguised as a Kindergarten Teacher

And the more minor classic…

You Cain’t Make Me Stick that Satan Serum Immunization Into My Baby’s Arm!

The next year we released a highly acclaimed follow-up record called…

‘Mamas Mia’
It was a big hit, hailed by the critics as…
The Goo Goo Dolls meets Dolly Parton
A lot like Alison Kraus except not really and also waaaaay weirder…
If you took John Cougar, Jon Bon, and John Mayer and wrapped them up in a spinach tortilla with some banana peppers and a little tzatziki sauce, you would have yourself a mighty tasty treat. Mmmmmmm that sounds good. Especially the John Mayer part. Oh… and this band is uh… interesting...
‘Twisted Sister’ but even more twisted… and messed up.
Their music is like Mac Davis getting hit by a Mack Truck… over and over again.
Hey! Whatever happened to Mac Davis?
Actually it was Mac Davis that caused the band to break up.
And also because one of the band members…

I won’t say which one….

Got into her doctor husband’s stash of prescription painkillers and well…
She kind of lost her mind.

At which point the crazy sister (shown here with her back purposefully turned to disguise her identity) released a Mac Davis tribute album called…

‘Oh Lord It’s Hard to be Humble, When You’re Perfect in Every Way, I Can’t Wait to Look in the Mirror, Cuz I Get Better Lookin’ Each Day, All My Love, My Heart, and My Very Soul Burning For You, Mac Davis. Come Back to Me… Come Back’
(The modern spelling of the word ‘cuz’ is what made the song relevant to today’s youth)
This record was critically acclaimed for having a really long stupid title.
Thanks to Mrs. Mama for photographing the band during the good times and the bad.


  • Who the heck is Mac Davis? UT football coach? I wouldn’t know, I just live in Austin.
    I have such farmhouse envy now. THANKS. I used to love my small city house.
    I have such country fashion envy now. THANKS.
    Can I borrow Mrs. Mama for our family?
    Wow – you two ladies look terrific. Tell April hi.