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CDW – Hello sir, welcome to the Garden Center. Can I help you find something?

Customer – I need to find something for grubs.

CDW – Oh dear no…would you like to see our container plants?

Customer – What?

CDW – Maybe I can help you find a nice flowering shrub?

Customer – I said grubs…not shrubs… grubs.

CDW – Yes, we have some very beautiful shrubs they are just right out back. The almonds are bursting with gorgeous pink blossoms!

Customer – I um…actually, I was looking for something to control the grubs… in my yard.

CDW – Do you like petunias?

Customer – Petunias?

CDW – Yes, Petunias! We have several varieties and enough colors to make your head spin. I am partial to the tidal wave variety

Customer – Do they help with grubs?

CDW – Yes they do!

Customer – Really? How?

CDW – Well, you plant a nice bed of petunias to look at and then you don’t notice your grub infested lawn so much anymore!

Customer – Is there anyone else I can talk to?

CDW – Um no… everyone seems to be busy at the moment.

Customer – Can you just point me to your lawn chemicals!

CDW – No problem – they are right over there.

Customer – Can you show me where the grub control is in the chemicals?

CDW – Um… well…. it’s just that um… you see, I seem to have a condition.

Customer – What?

CDW – You see we have training every Monday night and we learn all sorts of garden know-how and I have learned a lot about trees and shrubs and flowers and how to work a cash register, but every time the words “grub” or “aphid” or “scale” or “mealy worms” or “maggot” or well…you get the idea… my eyes roll back into my skull and a clear fluid starts leaking from my ears, and my mind sort of drifts off to a much happier place full of waving grasses and bright sunny blossoms and tall majestic trees and containers! Yes! Containers full of elegant trailing blooms and tall spiky plumes and bright cheery flowers. Don’t you just love containers!

Customer – Uh…

CDW – Anyway… and I just can’t seem to stay with the whole grub thing. I wake up a few minutes later when we are talking about trees again. Could I interest you in a Capitol Flowering Pear?

Customer – I am just going to look around.

CDW – They are a beautiful tree and even though they are called a pear they actually do not have fruit…just nice clusters of white flowers…

Customer – Thanks…

CDW – You’re welcome.

Customer – Listen to me carefully… I am going to walk away from you now… and I don’t want you to follow me.

CDW – No problem sir. Glad I could be of help!

The Oracle Tours the Lodge

April 22nd, 2008

I am an architecture junkie.
I love houses and well designed buildings.
I love old derelict homes on abandoned highways sagging from neglect and misuse and I always want to hitch them to my car, drag them home and fix them up again.
I love new buildings too… the way they smell… how everything is still so clean… [...]

Versatile Stair Hall

April 16th, 2008
When I drew the plans for our new old farmhouse a center stair hall was a must have.


A traditional center stair hall seemed to signal everything that was right and good about classic home design. It added a bit of grandeur to a simple design, and created a vital main artery for traffic, as well as cutting off views to the main living area for impromtu visitors who I might not want to see the dirty socks, scattered toys and forgotten cereal bowls that typically decorate every surface in my house. But I had no idea of the one other very important purpose that a center stair hall could serve.


The length, and width are just about perfect.



The front door provides the perfect spot…


For a basketball hoop. 

Who knew?!?