And Now For Another Spellbinding Episode of Paying Bills with the Country Doctor’s Wife

April 30th, 2008

Every month I wait on pins and needles
for the latest edition of my KTAG newsletter.

Which comes enclosed with my KTAG statement
which is this little device on my car that gets me through
the toll booth on the interstate.

As you can see from the above examples, the articles are always extremely enlightening and helpful. After reading my KTAG newsletter cover to cover, I can’t help but celebrate my state government for using my hard earned tax dollars to fund such worthwhile publications….

Oh dear! It appears I have also received
a new rural water bill instruction pamphlet!

Maybe they made this one easier to understand!

I think this page clearly needs a few more directional arrows.

As well as about five more overlapping boxes to
signify the extra important information.

But at least they will only be checking up on my inability
to apply these crazy-ass instructions once a year.


  • Susiewearsthepants:

    Wow! I can’t believe they let you fill that in yourself. I have never seen anything like it, living in the “big city” and all.

  • MUD:

    Our Rural Water system reads the meters and our water is reasonable. In the city of Topeka that same service costs twice as much and then they add some stupid run off water tax to the bill. What a great idea on the KTAG newsletter, Turn on your lights and use your wipers in bad weather. WOW! If you added the cost of the turnpike to the cost of gas to drive there it would scare you. I don’t look. MUD

  • alwayssomethin:

    Someone there must have read your blog. I think you should fill in the last 3 numbers. Just because.

  • Cynthia:

    OUr water district people come by and wave a wand over the water meter. They can just drive into your yard and hang their hand out the window. I think that is a shame cause so many dogs will miss the water man chasing exersizes that they like to do each month. THe rural dogs are going to get fat now!

  • Cynthia:

    Okay, I didn’t mean a wand like a Harry Pottter wand. We aren’t magical in Tennessee. They have installed electronic thingymabobs that their wand doohickeys can read.There, that should clear things up.

  • Karen Deborah:

    Do they save money that way? Some where a meter reader is out of a job. Whatever they might have saved got used up in that very informative publication!I never thought of using my wipers in bad weather. All these years I’ve stuck my arm out of the window and used a rag.

  • noble pig:

    What am I thinking when I think about moving to the country…life there seems way to complicated!

  • Jenni:

    Cynthia, we have those thinymabobs too. I can’t believe you fill in the blank either.

  • Anonymous:

    I have been wondering if your son has had any freezing cold track meets! Have you ever had to go to one that was cold? My daughter has and it is horrible!

  • woolies:

    That’s hysterical. !!!or you could live like we do – our water comes from a WELL! that we share with three other houses. I should mention that occasionaly the well stops pumping water. For no discernible reason, but who wants to pay $10,000 to the well guy??

  • savannah:

    Um…where are you? Where is my morning reading?Your blog is almost as important to me as my New York Times, and that is saying ALOT!