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Soup Door

March 3rd, 2008

Okay – you want to impress a contractor? Next time you build a house, ask for a soup door. Then step back and watch the new found respect dawn on his face.

A soup door is a factory second, something went wrong, so the door is sold as a “soup door” and contractors use them as temps until the construction work is done.

The door in this picture is a soup door. It even says “Soup” on it. When I first saw it, I thought, that sure is strange graffiti. I mean if you are going to scribble a word on a door, deface property, vandalize – why write write “soup?” It puzzled me for a long time. Then Dennis, our contractor explained.

I know a few of you have been worried about that door. Thinking, why is that door there? Surely that is not their door. Surely they realize that door is not really right. I know you have. I just KNOW!

And you are correct. It is our soup door. The real door is coming…sometime…hopefully…soon

Hive of Activity

March 3rd, 2008

Our general contractor Dennis, arrives at 7 am. A time of the day I try to avoid at all costs. He is currently sawing oak boards for trim.

Jordan shows up a few minutes later and gets set up to stain trim in the basement.

Ron, the tile guy shows up around 8 am to start putting our bathroom floors together. Can I hear an Amen!

And the propane company stopped by to deliver a propane tank and dig a trench.

Then there is always this activity. Which goes on night and day without ceasing until they fall into a comatose like state around midnight.

The concrete guy just showed up to pour a foundtion for the A/C. It isn’t even 10 am yet. Good Lord!

Countertop Choices

March 3rd, 2008

I have narrowed our countertop choices down from five billion to three. I have crossed out granite, marble, stainless steel, tile, concrete, laminate, wood, stone, quartz, paper, cotton, fingernail clippings, congealed pig blood, fossilized dog bones, fish scales, moss, wheat berries, cracker crumbs, crushed taco shells, and my favorite – texturized horse dung. I have decided on Corian. Why do I feel like there is a chorus of groans to my decision? Oh yeah because that is what my sister does every time I tell her. But Corian it is. Here is why…our cabinet maker installs it and it is affordable. I don’t have to drive to Kansas City or fly to Chicago, or take a subway to Liberia to get it. I just have to stop by the cabinet shop, look at the choices and pick one. It doesn’t cost nearly as much as that stone stuff does, it is durable and comes in a lot of colors. So there!

Here are the three I am currently deciding between…

Leaning pretty heavily to “earth” or the darker one.