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I have a thing for old sinks. I have tried all sorts of new age therapies, homemade herbal remedies and straight up chemical detox and I still have a thing for old sinks. I just think they are soooooo beautiful. Why did they stop making them?

Oh! Maybe because they weight 17 tons. People must have been tougher in the old sink days. Because I can’t fathom why they would even bother installing these things when instead, they could just wait until it rains to wash their dishes. That is how heavy these things are! What were the shipping costs? Plumbers must have been former professional weight lifters!

I bought the kitchen sink on E-bay. I looked for a long time trying to find one that I could afford and that had two bowls, at least one side which had to be fairly deep. I was hoping for both an apron front and a backsplash, but the price on this one was hard to beat. This one was listed under “old sinks” instead of “vintage” or “antique” sinks – so it did not get nearly the bids that some of the sinks I was going for received. As a result it was truly a bargain. Until you ADD THE SHIPPING!!!

And above is pictured our lovely laundry room sink which I also got on EBay, for 10 bucks. It was located close by, so I picked it up and paid zero shipping. It is in pretty rough shape. I may have to get it re-surfaced. Which will make it not such a bargain anymore.

Above is pictured our main floor bathroom sink. It was originally a wall sink. When I bought it , it was in almost perfect condition. The large chip happened while at the cabinet shop. They are going to pay for the repair. I decided to have the sink placed on a base. I think a longer “skirt board” is needed as well as a shelf on the lower half to sort of break up those very long legs. I am going to paint the wood when it is all done. Trust me – this is going to look great. You just have to believe.

And here is our free footed tub. Eric, our plumber salvaged it out of a rental house he owns. He told us if we got it out of the house, we could have it. It will also have to be re-finished. I was under the impression we could get it re-finished on site, so we hauled it up the stairs to the master bath. However, since I would like both the inside and the outside of the tub re-finished, it has to be done in the re-finisher’s shop. So now, we have to haul it back down the stairs. A task I will probably try and accomplish today. So if I never post again, you will know that I have perished – crushed beneath a twenty ton tub.

Decorating the Dining Room

March 1st, 2008

It really is time for me to start turning this house into a home, yet for some reason, I just can’t seem to get up for it. What I really need to do is to staple a paint brush to my hand and finish the four or five paint projects that taunt me every day, all day long, as I mindlessly shuffle around the house. But before I paint, I need to finish unpacking and attempt to organize the two dozen boxes full of crap still in the basement. But before I organize the crap, I need to catch up on the laundry. But before I do laundry I need to pay bills, clean bathrooms, get groceries, return phone calls, check e-mail and blog. Wait… no…I think I’ll blog first. Anyway, I feel like I am about three years behind, and with Thanksgiving approaching, I’d better get my act together. So I hitched up my sagging lame ass pants and started with the dining room.

My father-in-law Joe made these plate racks for me several years ago. They used to flank a large window in our dining room two houses ago, when the country doctor was in residency. When we moved, there was no spot for them, so they have been in storage for six years. Sorry plate racks – but I have a spot for you now.

Speaking of plate racks, I chose this chandelier from all the other chandeliers in the entire universe for one reason and one reason only.

So that I could bedeck it with seasonal flora and fauna throughout the year. Well maybe not fauna, that might be a little weird…even for me. Hmmmm…worth considering though.

So here we have bedecked chandelier, and empty plate racks.

Time to dig out all my old plates. Oh dear! – it would appear that the old house had a lot of green and pink going on. I am more into golds and reds these days. May have to do some old plate shopping in the near future.

But these will do for now.