Construction Terms I Have Learnt

March 3rd, 2008

Ridge Beam – The one at the very very top

Header – The wide board above the doors and the windows.

Purlins – The horizontal wood pieces on the trusses.

Joist – The heavy duty wood boards that support the floor

Riser – The “up” part of the stair

Tread – The “step” part of the stair

Gypsum – Also known as sheet rock – but saying gypsum makes you sound smart.

Friese Board – The trim piece that outlines the gable

Rafter – Old school roof construction. Like they made back in pioneer times. They built the roof on our house this way cause it was so dad blamed steep.

Truss – Factory made roof parts ordered and delivered to the site. The barn roof is constructed of trusses. We designed half of the trusses in a traditional manner and half we designed to house a loft, up under that there barn roof.