Striking Similiarities Between Us and the Kennedys

January 12th, 2008

Here we have the Hyannis Port Kennedy Compound. Note the sweeping lawn, the white house, the porch and the multiple pointy roofs.

And now my house – note the sweeping lawn, the porch, the white house, the multiple pointy roofs.

Here we have a bunch of Kennedys lined up in matching bathing suits with matching parts in their matching heads.

Here we have a bunch of my family lined up with matching uh…matching um… matching arms akimbo.

Here is the famous photo of Robert and Ethel Kennedy’s family stretched out in front of a Italian Villa type mansion.

And here is the famous photo where we are sort of lined up and sort of in front of an Italian villa. Okay not really – but maybe… if you squint… really hard.

And now Jack goes for a touchdown pass in front of yet another Kennedyesque gorgeous, timeless, classic American dream house posed beautifully amidst majestic oaks on a sprawling lawn.

And here are several photos of my family doing the exact same thing.

Except it is colder.

And muddier.

And a little rougher.

I am not sure the Kennedys could handle it.

Oh and um… we have a bulldozer parked in the background and we don’t know if the bulldozer guy is ever going to come back and get it. Other than that….

The same…


  • Donna Boucher:

    Another funny and delightful blog entry!Fun pictures!!!Exactly!

  • Chile:

    It’s uncanny. There must be some Kennedy genes in there somewhere.

  • Junebug:

    Change your pictures to black and white and there will be absolutely no difference!

  • Rechelle:

    I think this is my favorite blog of all time (that I wrote) There is something so glam about those Kennedy photos and something so NOT glam about my photos and it is just making me very happy and wishing I was a blogger. Wait – I AM a blogger! That is so cool.

  • Jenni:

    Country Doctor (or his wife) for president! Oh, wait. Never mind. Didn’t turn out so well for those Kennedys. Besides, how would you ever find the time to blog? Now that would be a real tragedy.

  • savannah:

    Can we have a staged picture of you and your husband with tennis rackets…That would be perfect!Put it side by side and you are practically John and Jackie!

  • Natalie:

    No, use the shot of you and CD doing Kareioki (oh THAT was spelled wrong!)I’m glad that roomba or zoomba or rhumba or whatever class that is that you teach helped burn away that gray haze that surrounded you for a bit! Mine has lifted too.

  • Cynthia:

    But where is the video of Ethel and Jackie slurping Ramen after their, um, Latin aerobics class thingy??

  • Maria:

    I’d say just stay away from open car motorcades….particularly in Dallas. Dallas is a particular red flag for your family…and keep Country Doc Man away from any women with particularly curvaceous figures named Marilyn…especially singing breathy congratulatory songs.

  • Anonymous:

    P.S. I just noticed that I particularly said Particularly alot in that last note. I am particularly sorry for that.

  • Rechelle:

    I am rather particular about the word particular. Please be a little more particular about using it – particularly in the future.

  • Sally:

    Now, this is a post I can really appreciate. How original! It’s great. Much better than a bunch of pix with cows, horses, dogs; not that I particularly don’t like them.

  • PAT:

    What a particularly wonderful post!Pat

  • Julie:

    I love it! Too funny. My husband’s Catholic family has nine kids in it and we are fond of saying that we are just like the Kennedy’s except not as good looking and without all the money.