Show Cats!!

January 19th, 2008

Over Thanksgiving we had a house full of company. The Country Doctor’s large rambling family of eight siblings descended on our new house along with all their spouses, children, and varying political persuasions. We had sleeping bags on top of sleeping bags, on top of sleeping bags. Children were squashed so closely together on the floor that it was difficult to tell where one sleeping child ended and another began. In fact their dreams all bled together into one long nightmare where they were trapped in an endless game of twister with their cousins, while their parents argued over presidential candidates. During their wakeful hours, one of the activities that greatly entertained this large pulsating mass of sweaty childhood was our cats.

Here we have Arod

and the limp shaggy blonde is Cookie.

Of course, I am not giving you their real names. I am much too protective of my cats to post their real names on the internet for all the world to see! Plus, they have too many real names and I can’t really keep track of them all. Jack – my real son and maybe that is his real name and maybe it is not, all I know is that is what we call him around here – but JACK – likes to re-name the cats just about everyday.

ANYWAY – the point of this story is that these cats were very popular over Thanksgiving. They were carried and coddled, and hugged, and snuggled, and placed under blankets, and inside of sleeping bags and on top of teetering pillow piles and then the cats would make a break for it and try to escape to find some peace, only to be searched for with great anxiety until they were found and carried and snuggled and dropped and snatched back up and chased and hugged until they meowed for mercy.

Fortunately they are very mild cats. They are also somewhat striking cats. They were also free cats – given to us by a local couple that has a pickle court! Have you ever played pickle? Very fun game. Anyway – we got these little kittens and they grew and grew and got fuzzier and fuzzier and more and more beautiful – so when my brother-in law (Mr. Panties) saw them, he was so awestruck by their fluffy loveliness, that he dubbed them the “Show Cats”. And they have been our “Show Cats” ever since.

My sister, April loves our “Show Cats” and so does her daughter Bellers so whenever they visit, they always try get me to give them one. At which point I tell April the entire “Show Cats” story and then she says, “Rechelle – You’ve told me that same story a hundred times! “

And I Say, “But it is sooo funny.”

And April says – “Not really – not anymore…”

And then I say – “Show Cats Show Cats Show Cats…”

And then she says – “Actually, I don’t think it was that funny to start with…”

And then I say – “SHOW CATS!!”

And then April says something really, really, super, mean or she imitates my laughter making a horrible screeching noise while puckering her face into a wizened old hag as if I look like that while I am laughing!

And then I say – “It is still funny – because I say so! Show cats! Show Cats! Show Cats!”

The point of this story?… I have SHOW CATS! And they are better than April’s old boring NOT “Show Cats”! The end.


  • Donna:

    I’m country, and I only relate to BARN cats. You can have your SHOW cats.

  • Cynthia:

    My sons school has a pickle ball tournament every year. I had never heard of it until he transferred there last year.

  • queen mother:

    Love your cats!

  • Rechelle:

    We have a barn cat too, named Posy (not her real name). She refused to be photographed. She is a psycho cat.

  • The SullaVinos::

    Too cute!

  • Amelia:

    To one cat loverfromanother cat lover—”THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL”

  • Donna Boucher:

    I covet your cats.Sorry God.We have a mean, horrible, hissing, Herdman-esque Calico. She hates me and Katie.And she is not even cute.Boo.

  • Jenni:

    Your show cats are beautiful. Our show cat would be Esperanza, our beautiful, fluffy calico. She is not the brightest bulb in the batch, though. She seems to be able to hunt, but her hunting instincts are not as keen as her sister Bandida’s. (Bandida is a lovely calico with a black mask, and quite exotic looking, if not a pageant winner.) Esperanza is completely clueless as a mama cat, and she doesn’t seem to have a lot of common sense either. But we love her because she is so fwuffy. ACHOO!P.S. Who *pays* for cats? Aren’t there enough free ones in the paper and in boxes marked “Free Kittens” atop little red wagons? Shoot, out here we even get free surprise delivery.

  • Rechelle:

    Surely most people PAY for “Show Cats”! But my “Show Cats” were free!

  • Junebug:

    Aw, sisterly love. We have some fluffy cats which I have changed the name occassionally (to protect the innocent). Usually I add a “poo” to the end or a “pan” so they become Minnipoo or Marsipan or Minnipan or Marsipoo or Minnesota and Marsipan-pan. Interchangeable. Brilliance, I know.

  • Indigo:

    Beautiful cats! And yes they do look like show cats. I tend to love them all. I’ve been taking in strays and rehoming them (After I pay out of pocket for spaying/nuetering, shots, food). So I have more than enough lovely creatures running around. To date I have 3 outside cats and 4 inside. All used to be what people call throw-aways. Sigh…and I just had another 2 invite themselves into my sanctuary so I’m working on funds to take care of them…..(Hugs) Indigo

  • Kalin:

    Now those are some pretty cats! As a child I would have coveted them and drawn portraits of them and dreamed about them at night. Alas, I am now an adult and will settle for just the coveting and dreaming.

  • PAT:

    Your Show Cats are gorgeous, Rechelle. They remind me of our next door cat, Roscoe. He’s a beauty too.Pat

  • Mayberry Magpie:

    I LOVE me some cats, only I can’t have them anymore because my son is allergic. But when he goes to college, I will become the crazy cat lady.

  • Coffee Bean:

    No cats for us. We had one once for a year but she had to go. She only liked me and hated my husband and son. She didn’t much like the girls but she didn’t hiss at them either. Your cats are quite beautiful.

  • Clay:

    Yes, I love your stupid show cats and they would be much happier living with me, because I would never subject them to the word show cats again and they would not feel the pressure to look so good all the time. Poor kitties.

  • Rechelle:

    Um Clay – Clay? is that you Clay? Do you love my cats Clay? I had no idea? By Gosh and By Golly!

  • Cynthia:

    I like the cats. But I don’t like cows. Case in point. THat woman who gives away $500 gift cards to best buy ignored the best name for her stupid bovine phote. Well, the second best name if CDW offered up a name!

  • Renovation Therapy:

    sooooo pretty!!

  • Renovation Therapy:

    sooooo pretty!!

  • Mary:

    Sorry, that was me. Just wanted to say I love your cats, and ask: what is pickle???xxo,Mary

  • chocolatechic:

    Gorgeous cats.I love Arod.

  • Anonymous:

    I think your cats are gorgeous also. I too am wondering about Pickle Court?Rhonda from Minnesota