First Date Saves Girl from Woodsy Commune

January 10th, 2008

The Country Doctor and I worked at the same place for about a year and during that time he asked me out once, but I was involved with someone else at the time. In fact, when he asked me out, this is how I responded.

“Gosh – I would really love to go out with you, but I am dating someone else.”

So we continued seeing each other at work and occasionally having brief stilted, embarrassed conversations. Eventually my work schedule changed and I stopped running into him.

A few months later, my boyfriend broke up with me, which was a very good thing as about the only thing that was healthy in that particular relationship was how much I loved his mother. She was a girl after my own heart. She was always buying crazy things at thrift stores and garage sales, hauling them home where her family would ridicule her for her strange purchases while I looked over her tarnished treasures and thought they were marvelous. Old woven rugs, vintage hats, corroded silver spoons – sometimes she would just hand her finds over to me, glad to know someone who appreciated her taste for strange old stuff. I knew that if I ended up marrying Don, I would have a miserable marriage, but a fabulous mother-in-law, and that really didn’t seem like a good foundation for marital bliss. Nonetheless, our break-up sent me into a tailspin from which I did not readily recover.

Shortly thereafter, I took a new job at a health food cooperative and also took a part-time teaching job at a private school. My sister and I moved into a new apartment with her disease ridden puppy Nick. April was engaged to Clay and I rarely saw her, but one day she came home and noticed that I had moved my mattress out onto the balcony of our apartment.

“What are you doing with your mattress out there?” she asked.

“Well… uh… um… I just wanted to sleep outside…you know get some fresh air.”

April just sort of stared at me…

There was a long pause…

Followed by a sideways glance…

Accompanied by a heavy sigh…

Finally she spoke, “Whatever happened to that guy that asked you out last year?”

“Oh… that guy?”

“Yeah him. Have you seen him around lately?”


“I think I am going to give him a call.”


“I think I am going to call him and beg him to take you out before you move into the woods, start wildcrafting herbal tea blends, while meditating and talking to trees!.”

So she called him. I had to leave for work and was not able to listen in, but I called her as soon as I got to work and made her recount every detail of the conversation. She had talked him into calling me and later that evening… he did.

Me – “Hello?”

CD – “Hello – is this Rechelle?”

Me – “Um…yeah…”

CD – “Well, hi…this is the notyeta Country Doctor.”

Me – “The what?”

CD – “The nothyeta Country Doctor.”

Me – “What are you talking about?”

CD – “Someday it will all be clear to you…until then would you like to go out and do something?”

Me – “Um…okay…”

CD – “Well… what would you like to do?”

ME – “I don’t know…what would you like to do?”

CD – “Well I would like to do what you would like to do.”

Me – “Um… well… I don’t know what to do – what do you want to do?”

CD – “Whatever you want to do…”

And so on and so forth – yeah it was riveting – anyway he finally pulled out of me what I wanted to do…

Me – “Do you still have that motorcycle?”

CD – “Yes”

Me – “Could we go for a ride on that motorcycle?”

CD – “Sure – that sounds great.”

And so that is what we did. We drove all over the countryside yelling tidbits of conversation into each other’s ears, stopping occasionally at a pretty view to talk. After a while we decided to get something to eat and this is where he took me.

The Yello Sub and guess what…

We both ordered the exact same sandwich!

A green turkey – which is a fabulous concoction consisting of turkey, guacamole, salsa, sprouts, cream cheese, on freshly baked and oven toasted whole wheat bread.

They have a lot of different sandwiches at the Yello Sub.

It is kind of a miracle that we would both love the exact same sandwich.

Do you want to know what happened next? Do ya? Well, do ya? Okay – They give you a card at the Yello Sub to let you know when your order is up. So while we were waiting, I asked the notyeta Country Doctor a question.

A question from which he has never really recovered…

A question that made him fall instantly in love with me.

And dream of having four boys with me. And of building a house with me. And of stapling our son’s head together while I watched in horror.

Do you want to know what the question was? Do ya? Well do ya?

The question was…..

What do you think about Ross Perot?

That’s right! Turns out I was the perfect date. First, I suggested a motorcycle ride, then we ordered the same sandwich and to top it off, I asked a politically minded question. The Country Doctor loves politics and even though I could really care less – I appeared to care and that is all that matters.

After that he was putty in my hands. And we lived happily ever after.


  • Natalie:

    Does he still have a bike that runs? If so, do y’all ever go out on rides together anymore?DH & I met because of motorcycles (we both rode) and many years later just before I got pregnant w/ #1 we used to go for rides in the summer through the local neighborhoods two-up on a 200cc scooter. It gave us the warm fuzzies. Now DH has traded them all in for convertible Cadillacs which arn’t nearly as romantic.

  • Lori Shaffer:

    Great story…

  • Donna:

    Told in one installment? Sheesh, that was too good to be such a short story!Hubby and I bought a motorcycle some time back, and we’ve spent our most romantic times on that thing, doing stuff he’d never consider doing otherwise: Going to local museums, going on picnics, visiting senior citizen relatives. I love our Honda Gold Wing ALMOST as much as I love my horse.By the way, I’ve been linking to you in both my humble blogs. I hope I send some traffic your way.

  • Jayne:

    Great story! And not dragged out in 20-some installments like…well, you know. Great sandwich, too. Think I’ll try to create a similar one on my own. And your boys are very handsome. I just love your blog!

  • Marilyn:

    Lovely story, what with the karmic sandwich choices…but I prefer the Country Club (or Tijuana Taxi?) myself. Now I’m hungry!

  • Lisa:

    Ree has nothing on you!You can do romance tooooo!A man that does guacamole and motorcycles. Nice. :-)

  • Jenni:

    Gee, I think you could have stretched this to cover a few more installments.Every once in a while I think about writing my own love story, but then I stop. Because every way I can think to tell it, it just sounds so very unromantic and unappealing. And that is not at all how it was or is.Good for you though. I liked your story. Even if it is not the most romantic sounding, it has some humor and a hint that there really is more romance behind the tale. Some things just don’t scream Harelquin Romance, which is good because I don’t usually go for that sort of thing anyway. Motorcycle rides *are* romantic though. I know because we have a few in our story.

  • Robbyn:

    Love it, Rechelle! Tell us more…y’know…some of the highlights of the happily ever after :)

  • Junebug:

    Is that a fish tank in the background of one of those pictures? Cause wouldn’t you hate to have to clean it? Weird observation, but I have a ten gallon one and I hate to clean it. That big one would be horrific.

  • Maria:

    First kiss! First Kiss! I wanna hear about the first kiss!! To heck and hellfire with sandwiches and ross perot I want the juicy and fleshy details!

  • April:

    You forgot to say how I had to hunt him down at his work and they wouldn’t give me his number, but told me he lived with his brother. It took me at least 5 minutes to find him…..for you.

  • Cynthia:

    I love love love it!!! I am an impatient youngest child and do not like to be treated to the obnoxious meanderings of a middle child telling a story aver a 17 year period!!If I want to have to wait around for the end of a long drawn out story I just have to ask my 9 year old to tell me about anything. SHe starts all stories at the beginning. You know, In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth…

  • ruchi:

    That is such a cute story!

  • Indigo:

    I just started reading your blog. I actually forget who recommended a visit to see what you were all about. I have never read someone who had me smiling from beginning to end. Thank you! I will definitely be back this way to read more. (Hugs) Indigo

  • Crunchy Chicken:

    What? No stories of lactacting all over your sandwiches? Ross Perot induced hiney tingles? Or was it rectal spasms? I can’t remember…

  • Crunchy Chicken:

    What? No stories of lactacting all over your sandwiches? Ross Perot induced hiney tingles? Or was it rectal spasms? I can’t remember…

  • OneCowgirl:

    Great story!!

  • ShackelMom:

    A great story, well told! I love the way you use pictures!

  • Donna Boucher:

    This is a wonderful, brilliantly told, and funny love story!!!I think it is one of my favorite CDH’s posts ever!