The Tribe Observed…From a Safe Distance

November 3rd, 2007

Here we have the young male species of the tribe…second born and thus always trying to overcome his #2 status.

Running faster, jumping higher, punching harder, must read noticeably large volumes, must be the first to answer all questions…

must dig the deepest hole in the shortest amount of time.

Unlike the third born male, or “gooficus ballicus” as they are referred to in scientific circles.

Or the fourth and last male of the tribe known for his unbending, iron clad heart that no amount of a mother’s salty tears can melt. He goes his own way. He is not moved. He does not need to please you.

The second born must please, must impress, must strive. It is what they do. There is no other way.

Except for the occasional…



  • Junebug:

    I only have one son and he was second born, but he had an older sister. I think this greatly affects the balance. It was more like being the first-born son. I have another daughter, the baby of the family, but she is so independent, it is incredible. The first daughter is more dependent but has done some very independent things like go to Croatia all by herself for 5 months.

  • chocolatechic:

    He looked like he had so much fun.At first I thought that maybe his brothers had dug the hole and put him in it.

  • Rechelle:

    Don’t give them any ideas!

  • Robin:

    I saw your ad on Pioneer Woman! You took the plunge hey!

  • Renovation Therapy:

    great post!!!

  • LalaLady:

    Which one of your boys do you think you are most alike or are you all of them mixed together in a big melting pot? Hehe I love asking questions!

  • Marye:

    You can’t fool guys are aliens from the depths of the earth and you are tunnelign your way out with the plan to take over the entire known world.. are you sure those aren’t some of my kids that strayed north?

  • Mary:

    Is there a reason why they are digging holes? Tunnelling out of somewhere? Trying to get out under the wire? Looking for China? I hope you hosed him down before you let him back in the house!xoxo,Mary

  • Rechelle:

    There is no doubt – I am most like my oldest son-not pictured in this post. He is very sarcastic, loves to read, has scary hermit-like tendencies, is of course v. bright (ha ha) and if he decides that he likes something or enjoys something he becomes intensely devoted and or even obsessive….just like his mother.

  • Rechelle:

    They are digging holes because they had a day off from school and saw a pile of dirt and well the rest is beyond me… The alien theory may prove to be the most accurate.

  • eselmom:

    Hey! Just found your blog from Ree’s blog. Love it!!! Love you!! Love your stories!!!I, too, am married to a tree loving doctor who hates to buy anything. I laughed, sighed and shook my head while reading your archives!Going right now to refill the wine glass and dive in for more country doctor stories!!!!!

  • Rechelle:

    Eselmom – I am so glad to know that I am not alone! Feel so much better.

  • Activities Coordinator:

    “gooficus ballicus” In our house, the term used to describe a person with this condition is “dooficus”.The plural form, used by my daughter to describe her brothers, is doofici.

  • Rechelle:

    Ah yes, dooficus a rare and fragrant form of the more typical gooficus ballicus