When Dad Does Homework

October 21st, 2007

A few nights ago, while I was at a very important, high ranking, celebrity studded, executive, highly classified, uh…er…um…bunko meeting…

The country doctor was forced to help Jack, our kindergartner with his homework.

They were looking for pictures that started with the letter “G”.

He did a pretty good job until I saw this one…

Which I am not sure embodies the wholesome spirit of kindergarten “G” sounds.

I pointed to the picture of Giuliani and asked Jack what it was…

He said, “it’s a guy… a guh… guh… guy.”

And I said, “That’s right!…very guh….guh…good!”


  • Kathy from NJ:

    They get homework in kindergarten!?!

  • Rechelle:

    Heck yes! Life can’t be all playdough and hotwheels forever. By age five they need to start steppin’ up! Next year I plan to have Jack work at the grocery store after school. By second grade – he better darn well be night manager doing his homework on his breaks!

  • kssnflwr:

    Katie thought it was a picture of grandfather. I wonder if Guiliani would be offended? She couldn’t figure out groceries, but she got the other picture right. Good work, Country Doctor!

  • Teresa:

    You betcha there is homework in kindergarten! I wonder what your son’s teacher uses for a reading curriculum. I’m a K teacher and we did Gg last week too. I like the idea of having them find gG pictures for homework .

  • jill h:

    Staples! Now that is a man’s way of doing things. (head gashes, homework…it’s all the same for the Country Doctor, huh? ) I always had them use glue sticks and some nights it took forever– I’ll have to remember that in a few years.

  • Rechelle:

    Teresa – Jack’s kindergarten teacher is using that curriculum with all the songs and the actions. “Polly Panda painting purple p’s” etc…

  • Rechelle:

    Jill – Jack and I were looking for “L’s” this week and I drug out the Elmer’s. Mike said – why don’t you just use staples??? I looked at him like he was a crazy person.

  • Christine:

    Okay, now that’s too funny. Hey, at least he helped with the homework. *snicker*

  • Dana:


  • Cara Dowling:

    HA HA HA! And yes my son is in kindergarten and they are using the dancing and actions and stuff too! LOL Exactly the same as Polly Panda Painting Purple P’s.. He also brings home papers that have the little saying on them and he colors it purple!