Caramel Apples

October 17th, 2007

It’s October. The air is crisp, bright, chilled with a slight acidic after taste. I am pulling on sweaters and jeans. The afternoons are quickly deepening into night and the big ole yellow moon has started showing off. It’s time for some caramel apples.

We made these every Halloween of my childhood.

A huge batch of caramel apples and we also made home made popcorn balls for all the neighborhood trick-or-treaters…

Except that we lived out in the country…

Our neighbors were far flung…

And darn few trick-or-treaters ever stopped by.

No matter..

We did what we had to do.

We ate those caramel apples and popcorn balls all by ourselves.

Watching a “scary movie” on network television with my mom and sister.

The caramel yanking at the fillings in our teeth.

Popcorn sticking in our gums.

Our bellies filling up with sugar, and corn, and apples.

Faces and hands, sticky and sweet.

Falling asleep under a harvest moon…
Dreams of witches and goblins and ghosts.

Delicious! Shiver! Scary! Yum.


  • chocolatechic:

    Looks wonderful.I am a big fan of caramel apples….with lots and lots of caramel!

  • Cynthia:

    Carmal apples on our schedule tomorrow! We always do the popcorn balls between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What lovely memories of growing up; so warm and cozy.

  • kssnflwr:

    Those look delicious. Zach wants to make some this weekend. How do you get the caramel to the right consistency? Last time we tried, it didn’t stick to the apples and we just had big clumps of sticky caramel!

  • Mary:

    The famil up the road from us always made those popcorn balls for Halloween. If you were really lucky, you got there when they were still warm. Pure heaven! The caramel apples look yummy, but I’d probably lose every filling in my mouth, and as I hate going to the dentist, tht would be a bad thing!:)xoxo,Mary

  • Rechelle:

    Hey Kansas sunflower – the caramel is very tricky I have made batches that were too runny, which is not fixable unless you go out and get more caramel. We melted our caramel in the microwave and I added a bit less water than the recipe called for.

  • Donna Boucher:

    Those look wonderful.I have never seen powdered sugar on a caramel apple!Happy Fall :o)

  • Rechelle:

    The powdered sugar keeps the caramel from sticking to the wax paper.

  • chocolatechic:

    Kssnfkwr~~it is ok if the caramel isn’t the right consistency, you just eat it plain….and send the hubbie out for more caramels.

  • Christine:

    My mouth is watering so much I could almost eat my laptop.Ah, but the memory of the caramel apples and popcorn balls is worth it. We never had many trick or treaters either.