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Penny Annie's

October 26th, 2007

Many, many moons ago…

Before I pledged my troth to the country doctor…

Before my uterus was shattered four times in a row by the exact same model of bald, blue-eyed, baby boy…

Before I had the wisdom of motherhood and could force children to eat their sweet potatoes, and film them while doing so…

Before I understood the dementia that accompanies each birth, as the holes in your head, where the babies come out, never completely heal…

Before I fell in love with the steady, rhythmic, calming sounds of a ceiling fan on medium speed…

Before I blogged…

There was Penny Annie’s

Back then, I worked as an administrative assistant at the Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence Kansas, which was located in the Old Carnegie Library directly behind Penny Annie’s.

I would skip the light fantastic in my cute office girl outfits of corduroy skirts and second hand plaid jackets…or fabulous thrift store cardigans with pearl buttons and sweet pleated wool skirts. I would flit over to Penny Annie’s on my lunch break, order a tuna fish sandwich or a chicken taco salad and sit down to eat by a sunny window overlooking busy Massachusetts street.

As I ate, I watched the world pass by. Executive types in dark suits and sunglasses driving by in their SUV’s. Young moms pushing strollers loaded down with babies, shopping bags and sippy cups. Under-employed secretaries with master degrees in economics or anthropology, buzzing by breathlessly on an errand for their blustery bosses. College students ambling along aimlessly, the light of youth and fun still dancing on their unworried faces. Middle aged housewives with expensive hair cuts and manicures flocking from shop to shop, the sun glinting off their streaky blond highlights. Business men and women in crisp white shirts, walking briskly down the street as if in a tunnel, focused on a distant horizon.

I watched them all and wondered…

What would become of me.

Then I shrugged, wiped my mouth on a paper napkin, bought a half pound of sour watermelon candy, and went back to work.

The Great Stinkin' Stink Off

October 24th, 2007

My house stinks….I mean stiiiinks! I mean el stencho, la crapola, stinkity stink stink stink. It has stunk for several weeks, but it seems to come and go. Just when it gets unbearable, we seem to find the problem and it disappears for a day or two. Then while we have our guards down, the stink rests up, regains it’s strength, and comes back with a vicious second wind.

We have a shower in the main floor bathroom that no one is using. Evidently the lack of use can lead to the evaporation of water in the “trap” which can cause stinkage to seep into the house. So I ran some water in the shower and the smell went away for a few days. But it is back. Back with a vengeance. Back with a fly covered fist, straight up the nose that leaves me searching desperately all over the house for the giant pile of poo that must be located right beside a roaring fan that is blowing the reeking reekage into every crack and every crevice in the house.

Then… our heater wouldn’t turn on and even if I am participating in Crunchy’s heat challenge, and keeping our heat down to 65 at night and 6…8 uh I mean 69 during the day – I am not willing to try and survive without any heat at all.

So I called our plumber who is also our heat/AC guy and they came right out. I stumbled to the door on my frost bitten toes to let him in. As soon as I opened the door, the force of the smell hit him straight between the eyes. He gasped for breath, and crumpled to one knee. I had forgotten how bad the house smelled as I was prancing around trying to keep warm.

After I revived the plumber by squirting some lysol directly up his nose, he went about searching for the source of the stink. He poked his nose STRAIGHT into the open pipe under the bathroom sink on the main floor that is yet to be “hooked up”and said, “yep, pretty ripe.”

Then he went about sniffing the rest of the house, trying to figure out where else the great waves of wafting stink might be coming from. He dumped some water down our basement drains. He told me to place a cap on the outside sewer vent, he fixed the heater, and as he left, he gestured vaguely around my gorgeous, brand spankin new, classic American, stink hole of a farm house and said, “no one should have to live like this.”

As soon as my nasal passages started to defrost, I too started to smell my house. And girlfriends (and the occasional boyfriend) there ain’t no scented candle big enough to mask the wretched puddle of sickly brown greenish yuck of which my home currently smells.

The plumber promised he would be back. He promised to bring reinforcements, which I hope to God includes a specially trained dog to sniff out the exact location of the reeking problem, but for now, he is gone and I am still here… half frozen…in a brand new house…that smells like an open sewer. There is only one appropriate expression to end this blog with and I am trying with all my might to hold it back. Trying…try…ing…but c’mon…. Shit…shit shit shit….SHIT!!!!! Sorry about that – but that is what it is.

When Dad Does Homework

October 21st, 2007

A few nights ago, while I was at a very important, high ranking, celebrity studded, executive, highly classified, uh…er…um…bunko meeting…

The country doctor was forced to help Jack, our kindergartner with his homework.

They were looking for pictures that started with the letter “G”.

He did a pretty good job until I saw this one…

Which I am not sure embodies the wholesome spirit of kindergarten “G” sounds.

I pointed to the picture of Giuliani and asked Jack what it was…

He said, “it’s a guy… a guh… guh… guy.”

And I said, “That’s right!…very guh….guh…good!”