August 20th, 2007

Today my baby goes to kindergarten. My teeny weeny itsy bitsy eensy weensy baby!

He only learned how to walk a few weeks ago! I was changing his diapers yesterday! He was wrapped up in soft footy pajamas, laying on a blanket, kicking his short stubby baby legs an hour ago!

And less than two minutes ago, I gave birth to him. The nurses are giving him his first bath. I am staring at the ceiling, feeling so much better now that he is OUT, listening to his newborn cries.

And TODAY this baby goes to KINDERGARTEN!?!?! How can that be??? Who says??? This is my baby!!! He is supposed to STAY LITTLE! Can’t at least ONE OF THEM stay little??? Just a little while longer… Please… please


  • Vonda:

    I love the picture of him sleeping. Shouldn’t grow up so fast!

  • Donna Boucher:

    He is beatuiful.I hate to say it…cause I’m not encouraging you to do this…But, this was kinda, sort of, one of the reasons….I started homeschooling.

  • mary:

    Oh, it’s hard, isn’t it? Saturday MY baby boy went off to an apartment in Philadelphis for his sophomore year in college!

  • cndymkr / jean:

    Older, wiser people tell you that life goes quickly and to treasure each moment. I never believed them till I had a child. Mine is going into 6th grade. He’s my only child and it makes me sad to see him growing up but so proud at the same time. Does that make sense? jean

  • Renovation Therapy:

    he’s just killing me with those freckles!!!

  • nancyb:

    Sister, you’re preachin’ to the choir! Why do those babies grow so fast? I dropped my baby off at the jr high yesterday. She looked so grown-up, independent, and down-right purdy. Made me sad that she didn’t need her mama to walk her to her classroom anymore! And the oldest is now in high school…. what happened to my babies?