Lee Creek Gardens

June 2nd, 2007

Anyone out there ever stumbled into a secret fairy land?

Where you have to be careful not to trip over an elven critter?

Maybe you accidentally transported yourself to a parallel universe while making that last batch of Mac and Cheese

The colors are a tad brighter, the air fresher, the breeze cooler, and the trees a mite taller

A place that feels like a memory

That makes you believe in reincarnation

Surely at some point, these paths were yours

You planted these flowers

You tended these beds

You stepped into this magic ring of lilacs and danced with the wood nymphs under a silver moon

You walked barefoot with a basket and a pair of garden snips

Filling your rooms with fresh cut blooms

The roses climbing the wall

Of the stone house

Where you tended your garden


  • Crunchy Chicken:

    I’m having “Pan’s Labrynth” flashbacks. I hope no one is biting the heads off of fairies.

  • Rechelle:

    This was supposed to be a beautiful eloquent, nostalgic, post that makes you get teary eyed – not freak you out about headless fairies! I think you may be short on the vitamins and minerals derived from chemically enhanced foods.

  • Crunchy Chicken:

    Must be the rabies from the dogs drinking my roof water.

  • April:

    Who gets to live there? Who? Why? Why them and not me? And who are all the people that live in those houses featured in every single movie I watch that are more incredible than anything I’ve ever seen in real life? Who? Who the hell gets to live in these houses? I know who doesn’t….ME! Dammit! Uhh,ahem, I mean…Wow, that’s really pretty and they have such a nice place and I am so happy that they have a lovely garden, it’s so nice to see people using nature to beautify their already beautiful home and blah blah blah, puke.

  • Rechelle:

    April! That is so much more the spirit I ws looking for on this post – Cruchy Chicken clearly lives in SEATTLE where things are always green and lush and is not impressed when someone in these here parts can make something bloom in the GREAT AMERICAN DESERT!

  • kimj:

    …and you got eaten up by mosquitoes! I was there on the 3rd… absolutely love this place, but forgot the bug spray this time. I must admit, I have never imagined it as a “fairy/elven” type place, but do share April’s sentiments!