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I just finished reading the Life of Pi by Yann Martel It truly was a good book, but I was a bit confused by a few things. First, being a person that is generally interested in religion, I really liked how the boy practiced the varying forms. But somewhere in the book, the religion thing puttered out. I mean clearly being trapped on a life boat with a Bengali tiger may make the practicing of all four major world religions at the same time a lesser priority, but for me I think it may have become a greater priority. I am not complaining, I just wonder what happened to the religion? Seems to me like ritualistic behaviors often become more pronounced during times of stress, and not sort of glazed over. Then again after 200 days aboard a lifeboat with a Bengali tiger, maybe one ceases to believe. Then again waking up every day on board a life boat with a Bengali tiger is a miracle, so how could you cease to believe? Then again, after two hundred days aboard a life boat with a Bengali tiger, you might come to think of that as normal – and no longer a miracle. Even if the Bengali tiger is you, and the hyena is a french chef. But I digress.

The ending was unfortunate wasn’t it? I believe in fantastic events. I think they happen every day. I so want to believe there was a tiger on that boat. In fact – there was a tiger on that boat. That’s all there is to it. Tiger on board!

I do wish the story was knitted a little more tightly. It is almost like two books. The story of Pi in India with religion and the Zoo and the other story of Pi on a boat with a Bengali Tiger.

It is a book that I will think about for a long time. A story that will stay with me. A book I will encourage my sons to read at some point. A book that my husband and I will talk about and that will get discussed at family events and cocktail parties and cookouts. I will be standing in the middle of the deck with a plateful of potato salad screaming – A TIGER WAS ON BOARD…A TIGER WAS ON BOARD – while everyone else quietly sips their margaritas and avoids making eye contact with me.

A visceral book, yet gently confident and full of surprises just like Pi – the boy that WAS most certainly on the lifeboat with the Bengali Tiger.

Lee Creek Gardens

June 2nd, 2007

Anyone out there ever stumbled into a secret fairy land?

Where you have to be careful not to trip over an elven critter?

Maybe you accidentally transported yourself to a parallel universe while making that last batch of Mac and Cheese

The colors are a tad brighter, the air fresher, the breeze cooler, and the trees a mite taller

A place that feels like a memory

That makes you believe in reincarnation

Surely at some point, these paths were yours

You planted these flowers

You tended these beds

You stepped into this magic ring of lilacs and danced with the wood nymphs under a silver moon

You walked barefoot with a basket and a pair of garden snips

Filling your rooms with fresh cut blooms

The roses climbing the wall

Of the stone house

Where you tended your garden